Product RED Update

Product RED Update

Every year Supercell participates in the (PRODUCT)RED charity event that fights against AIDS and other diseases in poor countries all over the world. This is an Apple exclusive event, so all of you using Android won’t see this since Google doesn’t participate. All the revenue generated from the in-app purchases of RED products will be donated to charity at the end of the event.

Exclusive Decoration

It’s a non-mandatory update in the AppStore and you will see the RED products in the shop of the game.

product RED update clash of clans yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

In fact, the deals are nice if you want to buy the gems anyway.

There is the Hero Pack that will give you an exclusive Barbarian King decoration along with the purchase that will have a red patch on it.product RED value pack yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

If you’re not playing on iOS, don’t be angry – this red patch will disappear when the RED event is over next week.product RED barbarian king decoration yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

If you plan on buying a Pile of Gems please consider choosing the RED-one, because all the money generated gets donated to charity. In addition, you get gems like you always do.

Remember, this is an Apple event and all of you playing on Android are not able to participate. Beside the red patch on the decoration, there is no gameplay-related change.


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  1. Tim what do the Roman numerals on the statue signify? I’ve seen 1-3 on different statues and I know they don’t mean anything about trophies or league

    • Yes I either assume after RED end today you will also get it to buy for 500 gems – or they will include it in the december update.
      It would absolutely surprise my if android users wouldn’t get this decoration as well

    • CoC is still on rank 5 of the apps with most in-app purchases in the AppStore right now… that’s still more per day than average people earn in a year…
      But only like 5% of the players out there every purchased gems, so there’s a good chance you don’t see that much.
      Also, I assume you’re scouting a village for defenses and loot, not for decorations, right? 😉

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