League Bonus Farming Strategy

league bonus farming

The League Bonus has become more and more important, so every attack you do has to have one primary goal: getting at least 1 Star out of the attack to get at least a part of the League Bonus. The League Bonus you get depends on how much destruction you dealt to the village you attacked – if you get 1 Star (e.g. by destroying the Town Hall) and have 42% destruction in total, you get 42% of the full League Bonus.


Now you’ll often face a situation where your Troops have been defeated and you have reached between 45%-50% destruction and not gained your first Star to get the League Bonus, because the Town Hall is still standing. In this post I will show you some last possibilities you have and why you should always leave some aces in your sleeve for your very last comeback.

History of farming in Clash of Clans

There are four major milestones that farming in Clash of Clans passed, and when we talk about farming, now I think it’s appropriate that we also take a look at how it evolved over the last years.

Farming abandoned bases until 2014

The first part was the easiest. All the bases of inactive players generated loot and were active in the matchmaking – you only had to next until you found one with filled Mines and Collectors and get 100’000s of Gold and Elixir. Supercell changed that as the amount of abandoned bases increased and you didn’t have to do any more than next a couple of times to get all the resources for the next upgrade together. Getting 10 million per hour was possible.


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The dry period until 2015

After having removed the abandoned bases, the loot situation got worse. It was hard to find bases with enough loot and then you had to invest an expensive army to get the loot. Supercell raised the League Bonus and also the War Bonus (especially the bonus when you lost the Clan War).

Farming after the shield changes and Personal Break Timer in December 2015

The December Update changed so much in Clash of Clans. Easily spoken it removed the well-working system of only exposing your Town Hall to get a cheap shield. Now we’re forced to put our Town Hall inside, and our base will get attacked at least two times every day.

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This system was designed to make looting especially for frequent players easier but ended up being a mess shortly after the update. Casual players are only able to play break even and if you want to progress you have to do multiple attacks every day.

Farming in 2016

Writing this post shortly after the December 2015 Update is more looking into future than telling us how it is. Supercell needs to balance a lot in 2016 to make farming more enjoyable. Here are some things you can do to make your life less difficult these days:

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Fast League Bonus farming

This strategy works great if you find a good League to do it in:

  • TH9 and TH10 should go to Crystal 1 League up to Master 2 League
  • TH8 should go to Crystal 3 or Crystal 2 League
  • TH7 and lower in the lower Leagues

What you need for League Bonus Farming

You should train only Archers and Lightning Spells (and maybe if you got 1 Poison Spell for defending Clan Castle troops):

  1. The Archers are quick and cheap to prepare, can shoot over Walls, and you get them quickly donated to your Clan Castle
  2. The Lightning Spells are used to take down Mortars and Wizard Towers
  3. Heroes are only used to get the last percent you need for your 1 Star victory


Your army now costs up to 72.000 Elixir for the Archers and 120.000 Elixir for the Lightning Spells (when everything is maxed out) – for a TH8, it’s less, obviously. No worries, you’ll not need all your Spells every attack so it will be much cheaper. Now when you take a look at the League Bonus you get in Crystal 1 League you’ll get 65,000 Gold and Elixir plus 300 DE, in Master 1 League it’s 100,000 Gold and Elixir plus 500 DE.

You see the league Bonus only makes up for the training costs, and the Gold and Dark Elixir is your profit.

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Bases you should look for when farming League Bonus

There are certain types of bases you have to look out for – your main goal is getting loot from the League Bonus so only have a look at the bases and not only the loot you can take from the base.

Abandoned Bases

They are quite rare these days but when you find one you go for it!


In this case, the League Bonus is not that important because the loot you take from the filled up Mines and Collectors make up for the costs. Don’t worry about the Trophies you’ll lose, when farming League Bonus you win more than enough Trophies to hold your League level.

Only attack the Mines and Collectors that are easy to get, you don’t need to go for the victory!

Spreading your Troop Deployment so splash damage will not take out a huge part of your Troops

The 1 Star Victory bases

Now these bases are the ones you are primarily going to look for – only looking for the easy, lucky first one (the abandoned one) will not be enough to make you a profit! You need bases you can get 50% destruction on:

  • Lots of buildings outside
  • Mortars and Wizard Towers deep inside


When you have your Heroes with you always use them the same way:

  1. Drop them after all your troops are down
  2. Only use them to push to 50% if you haven’t already got it AND you’re above 40% destruction

Interesting reads: Pushing to 50% guide

Also keep in mind that the Daily Star Bonus will reward you with an significant amount of loot if you earn 5 Stars wihtin a day (which is, frankly spoken, very easy to get with a couple attacks every day):

daily star bonus for all leagues yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Hope this guide will help you hold yourself over water until the loot situation relaxed again.

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

Founder of AllClash.com and plays Clash of Clans since 2012. Uses all the time his troops are training for skydiving.

  • alex™ rwa

    The entire update was to push players into th11. This is how they know to do it.. Loot penalty on lower or same th as you.

  • Vieira

    I’ve heard about it and it is not a good option. Why? It is too complicated and take too much time…
    It was very common players just giving up because the upgrade values increase exponentially…Now the entire experience is awful.

    As I stated in Facebook, Supercell should consider to use some logic:

    – If you put resources on TH, you can increase the percentage of it, until people be forced to protect it;
    – If you ask users about why this game used to be so nice, they will tell they loved the war, not the league and the stupid trophies;
    – If you decrease the loot of war attacks, the best feature of game will be less interesting;
    – If you decrease the loot of common attacks and change the match engine in order to turn hard the search for resources, players will say the game is not fun because it demands a lot of time without being rewarded.

    You are killing your best company asset! So:

    – Rollback to the old match engine;
    – Rollback to the old shield system;
    – Consider to put more resources on THs;
    – Improve the war incentive and features, because there are a lot of people playing just for the war matches;
    – Stop hearing the stupid 0.1% that really care to trophies and leagues.

    You have still time to fix it before it will be too late…

    • Carlos Bernardino

      Vieira, I dont know who you are but your absolutely right.

      Tim, even this site, my reference site for clash of clans (I work +10h / day, dont have time for hopping from site to site) is letting me down. This post is not up to the quality usually found here. And besides that I’ve asked you a question (serious and on-topic), and You ignored that. It was on Cghristmas 2015 event post. Bu t I’ll save the time and reposted it in here, ok?

      You stated, and I’ll quote “the loot situation that, unfortunately, didn’t turn out to be the way Supercell wanted them to be or, at least, predicted them to be”. Does Supercell accepted the there are major problems with our game? whats the info source? Waiting for your reply.. it’s important because my idea is that SC don’t care /denny several problems way beyond the PBT, deeper problems.

  • warmums

    The fact is…..it’s not fun anymore. :(


    I haven’t seen this many bases devoid of any loot in quite sometime. Out of 83 “nexts” today I found two bases with 300k plus gold and or elix. Currently a 98% max town hall 9 working on walls to lvl 9 and this has significantly slowed down the process. Too much update at once without implementing the changes slowly to see how it will affect real world gameplay.

    • wouter okkerse

      Same here

  • Nick

    This is really an example of corporate greed killing the thing they should be protecting most. It is just not fun to play anymore and the only real way to progress is to buy gems. I know that is what they want of course but ultimately everyone will just stop playing. Such a shame.

    • Felicia Wang

      idiot, u know i am a th7 in crystal pushing for masters and i am still very low level. Your problems is that u mostly rushed with gems and u can only find max bases. supercell is not trying to get u to buy gems, if u want gems, get achievements by trophy pushing the way i am.

  • Josh

    It’s not that there isn’t bases full of loot but there are just that many more people playing with the new update. Look at the numbers of estimated people playing. It’s gone up. When that happens you get people who spend the loot they’ve gained. Almost all the people in my clan are using G&E as soon as they can. Wall upgrades are being done instantly now.

    Another reason is they’ve taken away the easy shield. Now, you’ve got bases where you’ve only got 50k in G&E available because they don’t get to stick their TH on the outside and get a free 12 hours. So you’ve got a lot more bases in the match rotation because of that.

    It’s not as easy to farm anymore but its not impossible. In the last 15 hours I’ve gained 7900DE with a giant/barb/arch/goblin army. Not the best but its not like its impossible to find DE.

    If you attack through a 16 hour shield, you can easily build good armies and reclaim all the loot you lost.
    Clashers were spoiled the last year with much easier loot and had to do zero defending because your threw your TH outside the walls and got a sweet shield. Now, it’s changed and all we hear is the whining about it.

  • Jasmin Buric

    I just sit and wait as a max th10 minus the sweepers… Yes, my wall situation on level 10s is not happening at all.
    Since the update I have farmed a little the first 3-4 days and then it all stopped. No one is the clan is excited about the update at all and no one is going th11…. At this point the th11 will be impossible to upgrade with any deicency so I wait to see improvement in the loot department. They said 1 gem boost 2 weeks ago and still nothing… :/ did they forget it? :/ I see the trees spawning and the snow on the ground but my collectors still full price.

    It truly seems as if the algorithm changed and all the full collector bases are out of the circulation, if the player is not in the league the game pulls them out of the search option. I swear I will try it next season.
    Also after a day or so with no shield I wake up to see the game locked stating that ‘the village people are too tired since I had no shield for 1-2 days” and I was booted offline lol seriously? I was already offline lol

  • Perry Dunlap

    I can’t believe how negative everyone is about this. Fact is, if you believe that supercell made this move out of “corporate greed” or whatever and now everyone will just stop playing the game, then your wrong. People will keep playing because it’s the best App game out there and will continue to be. If you want to quit then just quit and stop b#@%ching all over these comment threads geez!

    • Darkss

      Thank u, it’s been ages since someone talked sum honest facts..I duno wat server uve been on or what times u decide to raid or wat leagues ur in,bt the game is waaay betta nw..I came down fr champs to crystal n pushed to master today n I found several dead bases several 300k loot plus I used an awesome goho army n almost crushed every th9 I saw forget abt 8’s.. I mean if u guys just lived for th snipping ur days r over n won’t return so quit the game n give us more dead bases ty..bt if u really play this game with passion n want to enhance ur skills the update is freakin awesome bt u knw what yall shall never know…KEEP THE NEGATIVITY VIBE FLOWING

      • Perry Dunlap


      • Gerardo Méndez Negrete

        Well apparently you both have very good luck at farmming, but it’s not the same for everyone. I like update, the shield changes and even the need to use better troops to farm, what I dislike is the absence of worthy loot. In my experience, it’s unsustainable sometimes

  • Gerardo Méndez Negrete

    Ok Timmy…apparently your mods don’t like me to disagree with you, but i have my reasons. The truth is that the update pushes everyone to farm with better troops to get the league bonus because somehow there is not enough loot out there, just the tougher bases have it and you’ll need those troops to get 1 or 2 stars out of them, I like the update, and i won’t stop playing because it’s a dry time, it wouldn’t be the fist time we go through this kind of problem and it wouldn’t be the first time SC figures out a way to solve it, I just hope they do it quicly.

    AllClash is the most trustworthy CoC info source i know, keep up the good work,

    • Darkss

      Ur making a gud point here, we have had a lot of ups n down with coc fr the past 3yrs, n I believe they almost everytime clutch n lsn to wat we say n shape the game towards that. But ppl shuld get the idea that the old system is not coming back( history proves hw majority of ppl love their old routines n r always resistant n persistent to change). U AYNT GETTING THE OLD SYSTEM BK, TH SNIPPING DAYS R OVER, change was bound to happen so adjust, plus I’m sure COC will make minor changes to help out buh overall we have to accept change then ull taste its fruits n ohh they’re delicious..

  • Gerardo Méndez Negrete

    Exactly, they doesn’t exist at all

  • Johan Waktare

    I’d like to add my voice to the general tone of responses. First of all, I should say that I agree with the intention of the update. Town hall shipping was a wrong distortion of the game and needed sorting. However at present the game ii broken, and is on borrowed time for me. If it don’t get fixed, I’ll find something else to do. I am a th9, and my main challenge is clan wars. The bonus there means at best you break even on DE and E, and a loss if you are a generous donor like me. I farm to improve my base, and will often boost to do that. I want to be able to farm a fair amount per hour, and don’t want to have to wait for a war army. GAG (or BAM or BArch) is a farming army, and should meet my needs. League bonuses DO NOT come close to meeting farming needs. Simple fact is that I have had 3-5 builders idle since the update, where previously it was 0-2. I am an intelligent and able player, who is not having an enjoyable game experience at present. Supercell need to address that urgently or people like me will stop playing. The update was well intentioned, but a chain is only as strong as is weakest link, and at present one is fundamentally weak.