Fast Opponent Search (Less Time In The Clouds)

When you search for opponents, you always have to spend some time watching the clouds until the game presents you the next base. Depending which Town Hall you are, which League you play in and also what time of the day you search, you probably push the Next-Button quite a lot until you find a base you finally attack.

People in the top trophy range sometimes wait for minutes until they see the next base. This is a problem I can’t solve, but in this post I want to show you a little trick that reduced the time in the clouds for players in the normal trophy ranges.

So Much Time In The Clouds

Many of us aren’t aware how much time you spend in the clouds. If you check between 30 and 50 bases before you attack, you will spend an average of 2-4 seconds watching the clouds each time. Many bases are skipped right away (not enough loot, wrong Town Hall level or maybe because you simply don’t like the setup you’re seeing).

In total this means you’ll have 60 to 200 seconds in the clouds, which is more than 3 minutes in the worst case.

Under regular circumstances you wouldn’t mind – it’s just a little more time, but if you just boosted your Barracks to play a hardcore farming session, you don’t want to waste the boosted time watching the clouds.

Spend Less Time In The Clouds

The simple trick is not skipping right away. If you push the Next-Button right away (e.g. there is simply not enough loot), you will see that you spend a couple of seconds in the clouds until you see the next base.

If you wait at least until the timer is down to 27 seconds left and then you next the base, you will see the next base showing up almost immediately.

I’m not sure how this behaviour actually works, but if you do it like that you will save yourself some time while searching for a base.

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Also simply watching the clouds is annoying. I think when I would see the total time of seeing clouds for the whole time I played the game so far it would be hours, if not days in total.


No rocket science after all, but using this you will save yourself some time and what’s important for me, it also feels better than watching the clouds all over again – even if it’s only a couple seconds each time, it is annoying.

Thanks for editing: Sam Ellison


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  1. hey i have really bad internet soooo i spend time in the cloiuds no matter what, sometimes even 15 seconds, but i will try this and see if it helps, thanks for being active EVERY week..

  2. Hi buddy… This post was copied from cocland!
    You can do better than that 🙂
    I remember your e-mail where you share your future vision about this website.
    In my humble opinion, quantity cannot compete with quality!
    Please raise the level and depth of your researches. I am connecting daily to your website with the hope of reading something that could increase my skills in the game.

    I have learned a lot from your old posts and I am thankful for that, but over the last 6 months you have introduced very little meat into the fire.
    Please take my critic as a constructive one.

    From a loyal allclasher! 🙂

    • Thanks for your share, but I also thought someone did someday write about gowiwi attacking there.
      To be honest other websites may have similar content, BUT if I come across a useful tip I post it here… I think that’s reasonable, right?
      Hope I didn’t lose you as a loyal reader 😉

      • Of course I’m still loyal!!!!!
        Maybe one day I could become a member of your team.
        I’m waiting to max out the troops since when I join I would want to be able to practice all attacking strategies I might learn from you guys.
        I’m almost maxed th9 (except for heroes and walls)
        Take care

  3. yaw i been doing this month ago, it really works, i wait only 2 seconds no more then press next, and i think server itself search for the next one and prepare it in the background that’s how it works, just like UC browser before you go to the next page it loads it xD not telling you this is 100% right but just my opinion

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