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Make sure to check back here to see the latest info about the upcoming update for Clash of Clans.

Note: Due to many requests I switched the order from bottom(old) to top(most recent). If you’re visiting this page the first time and want to get the whole story, you’ll need to start from the bottom.

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Clash of Clans December Update

Optional Update Available!

There’s an optional update available which will remove the winter theme from the game. If you don’t install it, you can keep the winter theme until the next content update is released.

But keep in mind that this optional update also has some bugfixes:

  • Correct troop capacity is now shown when holding the troop CC icon (ex: some CC would show 25/20 troops available due to “queued CC troops”
  • Fixed Clan Castle Spell capacity display for CC levels 1-6
  • Memory improvements and optimizations
  • Freeze Trap no longer shown in the TH4>5 upgrade screen
  • Fixed the following crash: open Player Profile when visiting, scouting or from chat/inbox – go to Clan tab – select the same Player profile from alliance menu – go to profile tab; at this point game would then crash.
  • Events UI: upcoming events will now also display the hours.


clash of clans christmas tree 2016 yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Do you already have a 2016 Christmas Tree?

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...

Keep in mind that they will reward you 50,000 Gold, but if you leave them in your village you can keep them forever. No Christmas Tree in the future will look like this one ever again!

Here’s by the way a guide I’ve written how you can force them to spawn on the outside ring:

Winter Theme & Christmas Trees are over (January 16th, 2017)

Clashmas is coming to an end (January 5th, 2017)

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to Clashmas, the Ice Wizard, the Freeze Trap and Santa’s Surprise.

I know some of you enjoyed using the Ice Wizard a lot and I will miss the Freeze Trap, but I’m sure they will come back one way or another – either permanently in the future or next Christmas.

Also, we’re heading to another event – the Dragon Event! Probably nothing crazy, but expect Dragons to be very cheap:

Attention! Right now there are some matching issues that Supercell is already checking out:

Read here more about it:

Ice Wizard Released (December 30, 2016)

The last present from Clashmas is available and it’s the Ice Wizard (like we saw in the leaks right after the December Update release).

The Ice Wizard is available until January 5th, like the Freeze Trap and Santa’s Surprise Spell.

When we look at the stats, we see the Ice Wizard being at roundabout the same numbers as the Wizard, but a lot cheaper.

One very important difference is, that the Ice Wizard will go after defenses like a Golem or a Hog Rider.

This will not be overpowered since his freeze will slow down the fire rate of defenses. I recommend you check out this nice video to find out how the Ice Wizard works.

1 Gem Army Boost

The first boost, the 1 Gem Collector Boost, is finished and the second phase of boosting just started – which I like even more. Boost your Barracks, Spell Factories & Heroes for 1 Gem.

That’s almost instant armies and raiding non-stop, so make sure to get a calm place and raid like never before!

Freeze Trap Released

The Freeze Trap is available until January 5th and I would love to keep it!

Place it inside your base and freeze attacking enemies.

Clan Donations & Value Packs (December 23rd, 2016)

Well, you can’t complain to Supercell that this year’s Christmas Event is boring. Almost every day something is happening and I personally like that a lot and hope that special events like this happen more frequently in 2017.

If you checked the shop lately, you see a nice new additional gift – the value pack for Christmas offering up to 5 times the regular value.

holiday super pack clash of clans yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Also, if you’re not buying gems yourself, you can benefit if one of your clanmates buy them – you can get up to 100 gems for 20 other clan members.

gem donations for your clan coc yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

So check your gem balance and you might notice some nice extra gems from one of your clan members.

Present #1 – Santa’s Surprise (December 22nd, 2016)

Santa’s Surprise is back – those of you having played Clash of Clans back in 2013 might remember it. It’s a seasonal spell available for 19k Elixir and does double the damage of a Lightning Spell!

However, keep in mind that the dropped presents (=bombs) do choose the location randomly, so I’d recommend this just for fun in Friendly Challenges. It’s not that useful to use it in regular raids – unless you’re Town Hall 7 and lower.

Hog Rider Event Started (December 20th, 2016)

The Hog Rider event started today and is offering a nice discount on Hog Riders along with some free Gems and XP when using Hog Riders in 3 successful multiplayer battles:

hog rider event info tab yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Please keep in mind that the cost discount will be available after you have finished the challenge.

A nice discount, especially for TH9, if you farm with Hog Riders 🙂

Events Leaked!? (December 19th, 2016)

The update has been out for only a couple of hours and spAnser has already taken a look at the game files. He has found some interesting stuff and leaked the 3 hidden presents of Clashmas:

  1. X-Mas Spell
  2. Freeze Trap
  3. Ice Wizard

Here’s the image proof from inside the game files:clashmas event leaks yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

freeze trap clash of clans christmas 2016 yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

ice wizard christmas 2019 clash of clans yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Now, before you get too excited about a new troop or spell – they will only be temporarily available for Christmas during the Clashmas Event!

Here are the stats for the Ice Wizard:coc ice wizard stats yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Also, there is a ship-repair icon added in the game files and it looks pretty much like the ship wreck will be something we will see in the January 2017 Update (that Anoushka already kind-of confirmed).

shipwreck icon clash of clans leak yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Here’s the source: Reddit

Update Today & Upcoming Events

The update has just gone live. If you logged into the game you will find the new Event Section showing you 3 upcoming events:

coc events december 2016 yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

The first to come is the Hog Rider Event, which will probably give us reduced training times and costs for the Hog Rider.

The second event is the 1 Gem Boost for Collectors & Mines, something we see every year for Christmas.

And finally, the mysterious 3 presents that Supercell promised us in the Sneak Peeks – the first will be revealed in 2 days on December 21st.

I assume number two will be opened on December 23rd and then the third one on December 25th – but that’s just my feeling and is not official.

Update Livestream

Here’s the Livestream that will prepare you for the update:


Sneak Peak Over! (December 16th, 2016)

It seems like the Sneak Peek with the balancing, new levels and everything else is the only Sneak Peek we will get for this update – to be fair, it is very large compared to other Sneak Peeks in the past.

The first evidence was a post yesterday on the official Clash of Clans Twitter in Japan. It mentioned that there will only be one Sneak Peek for this update – now it’s officially confirmed in the forum:clash of clans december update sneak peeks yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

So, that’s confusing but I’m sure that the three mentioned gifts will contain something for us:

clash of clans holiday event yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Last but not least, be sure to check out the new Events button/tab. We’re immensely excited to start featuring in-game special events on a regular basis!

But wait! We still have three Clashmas gifts to share with you, Chief! What could be inside these boxes? Find out next week as we open the first present! 🙂

Heroes Level 45, new Levels, Balancing, Events etc. (December 16th, 2016)

So many things in the first Sneak Peek! Check out everything here:

PS: This year’s Christmas Tree will be the one you saw in the “Winter is coming…” announcement:

clash of clans christmas tree 2016 yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Still Waiting… (December 15th, 2016)

Here’s a Sneak Peek to the Sneak Peeks that shows the new design for troop cards in your attacking selection:troop makeover december update yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Balancing Info & Sneak Peeks will start tomorrow.

There’s nothing else I can tell you about right now, but I will keep an eye out for you. In the meantime, enjoy this article:

Sneak Peeks Later This Week! (December 14th, 2016)

Fresh from the forums, today there won’t be any Sneak Peeks but I highly expect them to start tomorrow.sneak peeks december 2016 update clash of clans yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Sneak Peeks This Week! (December 13th, 2016)

Not much more to say than this – Sneak Peeks are arriving hopefully tomorrow:

Also the Town Hall in this picture looks a little bit different. This could be something related to this years Christmas Event or maybe all Town Halls will get a little update, maybe even related to a new gameplay feature?

Official Developer Statement (December 10th, 2016)

Supercell did finally break the silence and published an official statement regarding the next update(s) in a new Developer Q&A.

Here’s the original message:

Hey all,

Hope everyone is doing well! First of all let me apologize for the delay in getting these delivered to you, I know you’ve been asking for the Q&A answers for quite a while now. Between the December update and other projects going on, we haven’t had the time to share these yet. For this same reason we will also put these on hold until mid/late January so we can focus on the coming updates, and we hope to be in a better spot then to answer your questions in a timely manner. Big kudos to Lachlan for organizing these Q&As and posting all the “soons” on our behalf.

Will there be a new game mode soon?

Besides new upgrade levels, we do plan to bring you some new exciting content soon! No spoilers yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

What are the plans to bring balance back to Town Hall 10 & 11? Thoughts about the idea to bring the first 5 levels of the Grand Warden to Town Hall 10.

Balance is a continuous effort and we hope to bring another round of balancing changes with the December update.
We are not considering the idea of bringing the Grand Warden to TH10 as we want to keep TH10 gameplay distinct from TH11 gameplay, and feel bringing the GW to TH10 would blur that line too much. Our balancing efforts seek to tackle this issue in other ways than through Heroes. If you remember our “Design Values” blog post a while ago, we mentioned that “Meaningful Progression” is one of our guiding values and every new Town Hall level should feel like a new chapter in Clash. The Grand Warden is a perfect example of this meaningful progression once you get to TH11.
Back to TH10/TH11 balancing, here’s where our Playstyle Diversity and Depth values come into play. We realize that the War Community specifically is very vocal about their wish for more specific balance for TH10/TH11 (e.g. TH10 should be 3-starrable by other TH10, TH11 should be 3-starrable by other TH11) – but this is hard to balance with the normal multiplayer game, as the Leaderboards would lose its value if we make TH11 defenses too easy to star.
We have to be careful about the changes we make to preserve Depth in TH11 multiplayer matchmaking – but in short, expect new balancing changes in the December update as usual.

How is Supercell working towards balancing Clan Wars matchmaking? 

With every update there is the normal round of war matchmaking balance, and that will always shift things a bit. New troops/defenses/levels/stat changes get incorporated and weights are rebalanced according to troop usage and effectiveness.
In the last update we rolled out a couple of adjustments so that “lopsided” bases/clans don’t have that much advantage as before, and the more extreme cases of lopsided clans will have a harder time finding a match, and will be matched with tougher opponents. We firmly believe in a good balance and will continue to monitor things and to roll out small (or bigger) adjustments to war matchmaking with every update.

This is a lot of information, but unfortunately nothing 100% specific.

In my understanding, the “putting on hold until mid/end January” they are not referring to the update, they are talking about the next answers for the Developer Q&A. However, I read that there will be an update in January as well!

Whether or not the December Update will contain only new levels and the Christmas Event or also the “new content” (referring here to the shipwreck; please read below on this page) is something we will see when the Sneak Peeks hit, but I would be very disappointed if it does not. The last update was more than 2 month ago and only having a few new levels would be quite disappointing to all of us.

Right now the important YouTubers are again in Helsinki and I assume that they will be given the opportunity to gather their content for the coming Sneak Peeks – I still believe that they will start in the next few days.

Supercell Confirms Update Between December 19th – 23rd! (December 5th, 2016)

It has long been calm about the December Update from the official side, but now Anoushka has broken the silence and mentioned in the official forum that Supercell is planning to roll out the update the week between December 19th & December 23rd – the week before Christmas.

Here’s the original message:december 2016 update date for clash of clans yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

I personally hoped that they would push it out a little earlier since Supercell has Christmas Holiday and won’t roll out something between Christmas and New Year – let’s all hope they get everything together and nothing really bad will happen.

Prepare for Sneak Peeks next week 🙂

Halloween Obstacles (Scary Pumpkin) not spawning anymore! (November 30th, 2016)

In preparation of the Christmas Event, which comes along with the December 2016 update, the Scary Pumpkin will not spawn anymore

Product RED Confirmation (November 30th, 2016)

Today Apple’s Product RED event started like every year and the Barbarian King decoration has been showing up like spAnsers leaks below showed us.product RED barbarian king decoration yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

The positive news is that the game file leaks seem to be true and hopefully, the shipwreck will finally be released in the December update.

Regarding the date of the update… Every year a lot of Clashers think that the end of the RED event (December 6th) will be also the date of the update, but Supercell has never been doing the update and the RED event together.

I strongly assume that we will see first Sneak Peeks starting next week, but that’s only my own opinion without any evidence.

Air Defense & Walls (October 26th, 2016)

Below I listed the new graphics for Air Defense and Air Sweeper from spAnsers game file leaks.

Now take a look at this graphic:


You can see that Air Sweeper, Air Defense & Walls are the only ones that haven’t gotten a new level for Town Hall 11.

I was already pretty sure about this when I saw spAnser’s leaked pictures (you can see them below), but it also makes perfect sense.

I just wonder what Supercell wants to do to buff air troops that much that we need them?!

Clash of Clans Shipwreck (Daily Quests) (October 18th, 2016)

Everyone has dreamed of some kind of use for the seaside of the Clash of Clans Villages since the game was released back in 2012. There are some interesting graphics included in the game files of the version we’re already playing – but it’s obviously not activated until a future update.

Check it out:

shipwreck clash of clans december update yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 new ship in clash of clans leak and sneak peek for december 2016 update yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

An annotation regarding what spAnser publishes: He has always been right so far. He is simply going through all the files in the game data that he extracts from the app and publishes. He has numerous leaks in the past, including the new troops and spells we saw this year and several hits on Clash Royale stuff.

I personally trust these things quite a bit. However, it can always happen that something is not released as intended. These things are not fakes!

The Shipwreck itself, according to the game files, is like the Clan Castle, a wreck, that can be repaired for 50k Gold starting at Town Hall 4.

I assume that this won’t be an element of attack or defense. Probably liken to the submarine in Boom Beach which you can send to explore and get resources or something else from it. However, I’m very sure this will have something to do with the daily quests that we have been waiting for.

This is how it could look when released:

shipwreck clash of clans leak sneak peek december 2016 update yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

New Air Defense Level 9 / Air Sweeper Level 7

Here are the new looks of the new levels that the aerial defenses might get.


From today’s perspective, this doesn’t make a lot of sense considering air attacks are still very slowly on their comeback to being a viable attacking composition in the late, end-game (these new levels would just be TH11 exclusive).

I’m however sure that if air isn’t that strong when the December Update gets released, Supercell will buff them up another time.

Barbarian King Decoration, New Troop Looks & RED

It also looks like we will get a Barbarian King decoration we can buy inside the game, which will cost 500 Gems.

barbarian king statue decoration yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Although it looks pretty cool, I would never spend that many Gems on a decoration. My personal opinion, of course.

Also the Heroes seem to get a new looks during the RED Event in December (it’s an iOS special event where all funds get donated to charity, in case you don’t remember it from the last years).


And we seem to get new looks for Golems, Hog Riders and Wall Breakers. Just new looks for certain level, NO new level as far as we know at this time.

new troop looks december update sneak peeks yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7


Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha, James M.


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    • They pushed back some features they wanted to rlease in december to implement the clashmas and the other events, so it’s likely that the next content update will happen late jan/early feb but have no official info on that

  1. Another suggesttion I want to give is to start a clan war tournament of 15 days between 10 clans 5-5 clans in each group
    Rules of clan war
    1- clan has to choose the tournament team in the beginning of tournament 5 extra player u can choose for replacement like 15 members will be choosing for 10-10 war, 25 for 20-20 war, 35 for 30-30 war and 50 for 40-40 war
    2- first 10 days will played group matches 10 days 20 matches 10 matches each group
    3- one day hault then semifinal matches on day 12 between A1vsB2 and A2vsB1
    4- two day hault then the final match between top two teams
    5- a clan can parellel play a clan war with the tournament the tournament dosen’t affects the clan war there is a separate icon for tournament and clan war

    Plz tell me howz my idea its definitely increase the interest of clashers in this game

  2. Hey clash of clan officials I have a req to discriminate between leader and coleader right now both have same powers give some more power to leader

  3. Hey Tim

    So clashmas is over but we just finished Dragon event,,, and 2x star bonus event in a day. Any idea if these events are going to continue from now on? Kinda adds a bit of fun into the game. I haven’t done drag raids since th7 lol.

    Cheers 😆

  4. Is anyone else getting stuck on searching for opponent? Hope this is an issue that will be fixed and not the new norm for even low trophies levels. Otherwise this game will be more dead than it already is.

  5. I posted a video of the freeze wizard and Timmy decided not to post it on the comments… Well that been said, I will never post a comment again in Allclash. Worthless to do so, if the comments related to CC and are helpful for everyone, are not meant to be posted.

  6. The Freeze Trap just released today. It is really good and it costs only 12500 gold. I suggest AllClash add this to the December 2016 Update Ticker. I really hope that SuperCell makes the Freeze Trap permanent. So far, I love the December update, even though there was no ship/shipwreck with daily quests. Anyway, merry Clashmas and keep clashin’!

  7. I bought the value pack and built my cc as I didn’t have 10 mill in storages yet( 3 are upgrading doh!!!) Probs with the warden best addition to th11 not fussed with eagle yet don’t bother me when attacking so not really that bothered when its built and the additional 5 lvls are really good so far I’m enjoying this update greatly may the good work continue supercell!! And merry Xmas everyone!

  8. The deal for gold + elixer + DE was excellent value for money! Couldn’t resist. Although I can’t justify a second purchase for just the gems, but I think it’s a great feature that they now have the ability to gift your clan gems. Looks like this release was more of a backend release allowing them new functionality and game options for future (temporary spells, gifting gems, events). There’s a whole thread on the forum about this update not being excited and was a few more levels and balancing only, but I think it’s massive. They’ve opened up the opportunity for far more gaming possibilities for new gameplay. I think that’s the general direction SC are going in now, trying to add more to the gameplay, looking forward to what they’ve got in the pipeline

    • Maybe they could even use the events to test out balancing changes, instead of the long buff nerf cycle. They could buff a troop for a few days and see the impact, and that would help the decision to add that to the actual release. Have the whole community test it out for 3 days, free end user testing

      • I don’t think they will use it for that – they just realized that having an update every 2-3 month is not enough to keep us connected to the game so I hope there will be at least 2 events every month 🙂

  9. We got a gift from a clan member, 20 gems to each who claimed it. What’s this i couldn’t find it anywhere?
    How can we send gifts to clan mates?
    I would like to gift my clan members too😃

  10. Having trouble with your page tim, I copied your site to my home page. Every time I open allclash from my shortcut on my main screen I get an immense number of pop ups and am unable to read or view anything. Happened before but after a week or so stopped happening. Not sure if you know what’s causing it but figured I would let you know

  11. I think they need to introduce something for XP. You always get XP but I haven’t found a use for it, other than to see how “experienced” someone is, but that doesn’t really mean much. Maybe personal rewards, like clan level rewards, but independent of the clan

    • They do let you get decorations, although I do agree that more gameplay-related benefits would be nicer. Or add higher-xp decorations past level 75 for old players.

    • That’s right, XP is so useless as it can be.
      Maybe they can do like small boosts like every 10 level up to level 200 with things like 1% more HP on walls, 1% faster training time, 1% loot bonus etc every 10 level. Just something small 🙂

  12. Can anyone clarify the *must use 9 hog riders? Is that 9 hogs per raid? I used 9 on my first raid and did get credit for completing 1 of 3…

    • To answer my own question… YES win 3 attacks with 10 hogs in army per raid… 300 xp 30 gems…

      Wow… this is what they consider a hyped up event… 30 gems… 1 hours worth of boosting barracks… kind of a let down there $uper €ell… especially for a 2 day event… pathetic

      Cheers 😆

  13. Oh nooo why are they exclusive only for Christmas? ?? Gifts aren’t actually gifts if they’re taken away later right?

  14. This update is awesome… As a th9 player, reduced wall cost is a bit relief for me :p……hope SC will put ice wiz in a regural troops category instead of making them available for clashmas event… I believe SC might have planned on showcasing ice wiz this month n will release in next update…. Who knows 🙂

  15. sigh. IPad air download just cycles between you need an update -> install ->you need an update…. Locked out.. I guess. Can I get all my $ back?

  16. I’m honestly going to be extremely disappointed if all we receive in the update is what we’ve been shown at this point (because of all the hype about how it would change the game forever and all)

  17. Lavaloon type attacks dominated live stream… impressive 6 stars vs 2 max th 11’s by one attacker (forget his name,,, black tiger???)

    Cheers 😆

      • I totally agree lol… it was interesting to watch… but it did feel like they were forcing air attacks… after so many fails you’d think so called elite players would switch up strategy…still I liked how they went about mixing in kill squads and lavaloon… I was never a fan of pure air always thought something like the golaloon was superior to just straight up air.

        Cheers 😆

  18. It would b great if SC makes heroes available during war attacks while they r upgrading….Coz if heroes can defend their war bases even when they r upgradings in war time then they can b use to attack… Don’t u think? ;p

    • Hard to tell, but I assume that it will be on hold for the January 2017 update (Anoushka wrote about a potential update in January) because they didn’t finish it.
      I think the gifts will be something like gem boost, troop event (lower training times and costs) and something like double league bonus for a limited time

  19. Hi, Tim. I am the guy, who has made cocp.it. hope you remember yet XD Sorry for writing in the wrong place – but don’t know of a better way to contact you.

    So on the site I have opened the war weight calculator page for public use for Holidays and until update goes live. It is a rare event and I wanted to ask you to mention it in one of your informative posts, if it is not a big deal. That’s a very useful and unique tool for anyone who’s trying to optimize their war performance and strategy.

    link: https://www.cocp.it/calc

  20. I hope they did this troop makeover in order to fit more troop options into the screen when attacking. I tend to limit my troop options in order not to have to scroll left and right during the attack window.

    About the new game mode, I wish it was like “War” game… you send your troops into the boat, conquer villages, and leave a layout of yours defending that village. Then you pick up your ship and go conquer another village… it Will probably not be that way, but I wish it was.

    Can’t wait for those sneak peaks, they Will be awesome!

  21. so I have been saying for months SC nerfed .5 bases and they finally admitted to it. that is really lame as it takes time and dedication to make a .5 base. I am pretty annoyed by this.

    • in their defense, they are announcing for month that they will take on engineered bases…
      But I can feel you, that’s a big disappointment.
      That’s why I always said to make a dedicated war account if you want to do a engineered base

      • Tim what do u mean by announcing for month that they are taking on engineered bases?
        Also I have 3 accounts. A full max 11 a max hero 9.5 and a max hero 8.5

      • In many dev q&a they answered the question what they will do about engineered bases so they are aware that there’s a point in matchmaking they want to address.
        First time I think was back in august when they said they want to do something about it and are closely watching it

      • So do u think .5 bases are worthless now or do they still give an advantage just not as much as they used to?

      • No they are not, they are still strong. All I’m saying is that the dedication you are doing is only worth it if you enjoy doing clan wars a lot and have a clan that supports .5 bases.
        If you’re more a occasional player enjoying a little bit here and there, you won’t do yourself a big favor going .5 because SOMETHING (I don’t know what) might happen to this strategy sooner or later in terms of matchmaking

  22. Awww man,,, I’ll be th10 in a few days,,, grand warden would be amazing… alot of work ahead regardless. Looking forward to it,,, spent months on heros and walls lol.

    Cheers 😆

  23. I’ve been playing for some 2 and a half years now.. finally just got my B King to level 40 ( phew ). Alas , I’ve wished for about a year that at level 30 or 40 the heroes wore a cape which has your clans badge embroided into it. It would add a great deal of epicness to the battle and so much pride for the player. Please be something like this in an update around the corner!!

  24. Don’t know about Hog riders, but we’ll definitely need a new level of golem and wallbreakers in order not to completely ruin ground attacks with the addition Of a new wall level.

    I believe Supercell did a great job balancing bowlers and miners. Time for some new Stuff now.

    Regarding RED, I always support it, this year could not be different. Just awesome.

    • I honestly don’t really believe in a new wall level that much for the December update. I still see a lack of air troops so there should be some major bugg in air troops

  25. This is request from all nepalese clasher whom are eagerly waiting fir nepalese flag in coc 😔
    So there is humble request for supercell family for providing our national flag on coc .
    Nepal 🙂

  26. I’m 2 walls away from maxing out level 11 walls at TH11. I may quit the game if they introduce another level. No more wall levels!

  27. Timmy I know you have to make money but all the ads that redirect off of your site have soured me on even checking in. I tried to read your latest article 5-6 times and was unable to.

      • They have to decrease the levels of the air troops cause they re really strong but is a good idea to implement another level. They can do a downgrade like they did with bowls…

    • The sweeper is probably the most boring upgrade that there is. It costs a ton and it’s rare that we get to see them work well.
      However, when they do work it’s fun to watch a drag or loons keep getting blown back.

      Maybe with the sweeper they should do ability levels – Like, every 5 sweeps there’s a mega blow that pushes air troops back standard squares plus a multiplier based on structure level?

  28. Well the looks of the ship doesnt give much idea about what it is actually 😕 but let this doesnt be just a funny DECORATION or something unuseful. It would be cool if it did some kinda Attacks OR Defence .

      • Not much excited for the ‘Loot Exploration’ part but the ‘Daily Quest’s’ part seems kinda CoooL, so that would be fun if the reward for completing them would be
        1. Gems 💎💎💎 OR …
        2. Dark Elixir 🍷🍷🍷


  29. I was thinking personal levels would of come out last update but we got a lot so my guess is the shipwreck is for new goblin levels on a different island or similar to the loot cart to bring additional resources into the game. That’s my hope anyways lol

    • Yap, would be nice if something similar would happen on Android… charity isn’t bad and Google pie is big enough to give a small slice of it to the ones who could need it

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