Dark Elixir Farming Tips and Base Designs

dark elixir farming 2016

In this post, I want to talk specifically about the resource that many among us consider as the most precious: Dark Elixir! You come across Dark Elixir for the first time when you become Town Hall 7 and want to build the Barbarian King or build the first Dark Barracks. It becomes easier for Town Hall 7 Clashers to get Dark Elixir since Dark Elixir Drills now are available, but you will recognize very quickly that the little Drill can’t produce enough for what you need.

If you think this will get better when you become Town Hall 8 or 9, I have some bad news for you – the investments get more and more expensive and the Drills are not even close to producing enough, even when maxed. Farming Dark Elixir, therefore, will be a challenge you’ll have to face sooner or later, and this is exactly what I want to help you with in this post.

The Secrets of farming Dark Elixir

I split this Guide into 3 parts – in the first part I will handle collecting Dark Elixir and how you can get the most possible.The second part will focus on

The second part will focus on protecting the Dark Elixir, which can sometimes be frustrating when you see that you lost exactly what you earned. The third part will show you some Dark Elixir Base Designs that will provide an excellent protection for your Dark Elixir.

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Dark Elixir Farming

To raid Dark Elixir, you obviously need to find proper targets that will offer you a good amount of Dark Elixir. I recommend you being somewhere around 1,800-2,400 Trophies when TH7 and TH8.

Do you know the saying, “a penny saved is a penny earned?” It’s the same with Dark Elixir. It’s always tempting to mix in some Minions, especially when you’re using my above tactic at TH7 or Th8, but be aware that this will add up some real costs.

air-defense-earthquake-spell yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Just calculate what 20 Minions cost (depending on their Level) between 100 and 220 Dark Elixir, so you can easily see that this will take about 20% of what you probably earn in a regular attack in Dark Elixir.

The same for Spells – I know the new Dark Elixir Spells are nice to use, but save yourself the Dark Elixir and use the regular Spells. We’ve been able to win without Dark Elixir Spells before the Summer 2015 Update when they got introduced, right? 🙂

Protecting your Dark Elixir

I have 3 Tips that will help you protect your Dark Elixir:

  • Make Dark Elixir Farming hard by placing the Dark Elixir Storage in the core (maybe check out some of the Base Designs at the end of the page). Also, keep in mind that 20% of your Dark Elixir is inside your Town Hall! You don’t want something like this to happen:

goblin farming after shield update clash of clans yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

  • Constantly revenge, especially if someone was aiming for your Dark Elixir. If someone was going after your Dark Elixir Storage it’s very likely he’s holding a bigger amount of Dark Elixir himself, because he’s probably farming Dark Elixir as well.
  • Hide Dark Elixir so nobody can take it from you – see this Guide from KyleClashes on hiding Dark Elixir for more details if you don’t know the technique yet.

Please be aware that saving and protecting Dark Elixir is only one aspect of gaining Dark Elixir – you also need to farm and get Dark Elixir for the more expensive upgrades. Here is a way to do that:

10 Base Designs to protect Dark Elixir 2016 With Bomb Tower

I have gathered some nice Base Layouts that will offer the best possible Dark Elixir protection. Actually, you can also take any base that fits the Dark Elixir Storage plus your Town Hall within the core.

Town Hall 7 Dark Elixir Farming Base

This TH7 Farming Base protects the Dark Elixir very good. The semi-exposed Town Hall works like a honeypot and the core design makes it hard to funnel troops to the Dark Elixir Storage.

Town Hall 7 Dark Elixir protection farming base yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Town Hall 8 Farming Base for Dark Elixir

This is the TH8 version of the Dark Elixir protection base design above for TH7. Ultimate Dark Elixir protection core with a semi-exposed Town Hall.town hall 8 farming base with dark elixir protection yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

If you don’t want to semi-expose your Town Hall you can also use this base layout. Be aware that you will see more full attacks that will get your Dark Elixir, while the above TH8 Farming Base helps protect the Dark Elixir a little bit better.

town hall 8 hybrid farming base with bomb tower yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Dark Elixir Farming Base Layout TH9

This TH9 Farming Base for Dark Elixir protection features an extra core compartment for the Dark Elixir – no matter what side the attacker comes it will be hard for him to get your Dark Elixir.town hall 9 farming base with dark Elixir protection and bomb tower yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

TH10 Farming Base Layout for Dark Elixir

This first TH10 Farming Base utilizes a semi-exposed Town Hall to honeypot attackers – and your Dark Elixir Storage is the best-protected structure.th10 farming base to protect resources yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7


If you’re about to push a little bit at TH10 and don’t want to constantly lose cups, you might want to try this Dark Elixir base. The thing here is that you will lose more Dark Elixir than with the first base layout because more attackers will go for the Town Hall and then automatically get your Dark Elixir Storage as well (but there is no easy way to get it).th10 farming hybrid base including 2 bomb tower yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7


TH11 Dark Elixir protecting Farming Base with Eagle Artillery

This is the TH11 Farming Base that I use right now for Dark Elixir protection and it works pretty good. Almost all attackers come from the top and go for the Town Hall but don’t get through to the Dark Elixir Storage.th11 hybrid farming base with bomb tower yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7




Farming Dark Elixir can be hard sometimes and you won’t be very successful if you’re not able to protect it. Especially when you store a large amount you’ll lose a lot when the attacker is able to get your Dark Elixir Storage. You will need to have a base design setup with a centralized Dark Elixir Storage.

Unfortunately, this will make it easier for the attacker to get Gold, Elixir and also Trophies.

Make sure to keep on track once you start farming Dark Elixir, especially when you have more than 30k Dark Elixir stored in your storage. Each attack might get a large amount taken and kill the progress of a farming day. More so when you’re not farming for a day or longer.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha


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  1. Could you create an anti GoWix8 (golems and 4-8 witches with a few wizards) guide for th11? I get 2-3 starred by them in titans a lot.

  2. i just got 100 000 from a 3 raids i had 1000 gems at the time and i got my king to lev 5 and all of my DE troops to max at 7

  3. if you farm you can revenge weak people or other farmers also good 1 or 2 star bases and get the star(s) and zap the de storage this way you win and they cant revenge you. You don’t have to be a farmer to do this its just farmers get a lot of attacks on them if you can get a 2 hit on cc if it has other loot so you get the de and loot and or lightning the other steerages if you can 2 shot them and try to snipe the de drill as well. If you whant you can get the other collectors if they have good loot

  4. I think the best combo for farming dark at th lvl 8 is giant wiz combo i use 12 wiz and 20 giants 6 wallies and rest is your choice i mean arch or gobs your choice i use this combo and i maxed my king from lvl 2 to lvl 10 in juzt a little more than a month u should use a heal and rage spell or even one heal is k i have destroyed th 9 lvl 3 x bow bases for more than 50% getting almost 2 to 3k dark

  5. Hey Timmy do you have a TH10 guide somewhere? I’ll max my Defense and Elixer troops, spells, and most DE troops in about a month. What league do new 10’s hang in, or do they not hide from maxed 10s lol. What do you recommend for primary upgrades first? Infernos off the bat then focus on troops and getting new Defense up to par?

    • Wait a sec… you just upgraded TH10 and want to max it within 1 month? Ok, I think I got that wrong… If you are almost maxed TH9 and go to TH10 there will not be that much of a change. Get the Infernos first and farm in C1-M2. You’ll come across enough TH8 and Th10 there. Pushing to Champions to stay there will be quite hard probably.

  6. i use 133 goblins, 6 giants 6 wall breaker n 45 archers, cc will b giants. i am th9, farming in silver 1 to gold 3, 4 rage but seldom use unless is really worth using, every raid above 1k de than i go in

  7. This is another person from jimmy James’s name. His info was already filled in. Just thought I’d let you know Timmy since the glitch was supposed to be fixed

  8. Really!?!?! Use lightning ? That’s the most cowardly attack to get dark elix! Earn it by getting to the center with troops. If not… You think Liam’s revenge is bad, well then….

    • Lol, I agree, I ALWAYS revenge those lightning attacks and most times I get much more DE from revenge attacks than they got from me…

  9. i use giants, wallbreakers,wizzards and archers for de farming. plus all 3 heal spells. you can get in the core of any max th8 base with it and also of some mid th9s. but mid th9s are little tricky.

  10. At TH8, you can BARCH (lvl5) your way to the center and get the DE storage quite easily if there’s less than 3 walls to break (and no xbow, so mostly TH8s and TH7s).
    You just need to bring some wallbreakers (8x lvl5 WBs, 10 lvl4 WBs) and a good BK (lvl 8-10) and know how to use them well with your barbares so a big pack goes to the center and not on a collector tour…
    You will quite often have to use a healing spell on TH8s, depending on the level of the splash defenses. Attacking maxxed TH8 is tricky, you might need to use all 3 spells (2 Heal + 1 Rage) if the village is well thought.

    My usual army composition that gets me around an average of 900-100 DE per attack in Gold I or II :
    96 barbs + 88 arch + 8 WB (all lvl5) + 1 heal (lvl4) + lvl10 BK (another Heal and a Rage for emergencies or tough bases).

    It also works well to target filled maxxed drills on TH9-10s (exposed or behind only one wall), even if they’re in range of xbows or lvl7-8 mortars mortars, you just need to keep the barbarians coming, in waves, to act as a constant “meat-shield” for your archers.

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