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This is where I will be mentioning all of the information I have about the next Clash of Clans Update in October 2016. I know the release is probably 1 month away, but the rumors and hints are starting to drop in quite frequently.

Make sure to check back here to see the latest stuff about the upcoming update for Clash of Clans.

Note: Due to many requests I switched the order from bottom(old) to top(most recent). If you’re visiting this page the first time and want to get the whole story, you’ll need to start from the bottom.

Clash of Clans October Update

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Keep checking back here – I will frequently update this post with new information I find.

Halloween Event with the Gem Boost is ending today

The Halloween event is now over (event disabled with the maintenance that just took place).

We have also fixed a bug related to army training. The army training dragging feature will be broken for players with the old client, so you will need to install the latest optional update (version 8.551.24) to get it to work properly again. Optional update will be available on both GooglePlay and AppStore soon.

The optional update will also remove the Halloween theme – but worry not, Scary Pumpkins will continue to spawn for a while longer!


Gem Boost  & Bug Fixes in Halloween Maintenance Break

For a limited time:

  • Boost Spell brewing for 1 GEM
  • Cheaper & faster training for Skeleton Spells, Witches, Balloons & Wall Breakers

Fixes in the new Halloween Update, version 8.551.18

  • Fixed a bug related to the army training drag&drop feature. NOTE: OLD app version will have the dragging in training disabled, players need to update to the new version for the training to work again!
  • Improvement: long press on the Clan Castle troop icon during battle will display the troop contents
  • Change in Train Troops and Brew Spells upper left UI: changed total troops and total spells training capacity counters to not display over-capacity anymore; previously they would display 0/480 and 0/22 at max level, now they will display as 0/240 and 0/11 (over queueing still works as it used to!)
  • Clans can now receive Friendly War invites even when the clan is set to “Closed”
  • Fixed issue with starting 5v5 Friendly Wars when the Clan has less than 10 members (“not enough eligible members” error)
  • Fixed issue when the Clan was unable to receive a new Friendly War invite when the old invite has been pushed off the clan chat and gets stuck
  • Elders won’t see anymore the Accept/Reject button for a Friendly War invite in the Clan chat (previously they could see the buttons and tap on them, but those actions would fail as only Leader/Co-Leader can do those actions)
  • Fixed showing the text “<percentage> War win bonus” under a player name in the upper left UI, when scouting enemy villages during Battle Day in Clan War
  • Prices for buildings in the Shop are once again shown in red color when not enough resources are available for a purchase (used to be shown in white color all the time)
  • Fixed issue with reloading Facebook pictures for friends, whenever tapping the Friends/Friend Requests tabs
  • Fixed missing “1d” text for the single Collector boost icon + fixed “1h” boost text appearing on the collector boost button when selecting a barracks/spell factory before selecting the collector

Halloween Event Starting Soon

Like every year, Clash of Clans has a special Halloween Event and this one is starting soon.

Prepare yourself for a spooky theme and a special event obstacle

clash of clans halloween event 2016 obstacle yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

This one will reward you with some extra resources if you remove it (probably 50k Elixir), but can also stay in your village forever if you don’t remove it, event when the event is over.

Here’s how you can have it in a place where you want to have it

Best Equipment for Clashers

Here is my equipment that helps me playing Clash of Clans.
Check out my personal Top 10.
What device are you playing on?

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Clan War Matchmaking Balancing

The release notes for the update have been posted a few days ago and somehow I have missed to report here that there will also be some changes to Clan War matchmaking:

clan war matchmaking balancing yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

What exactly this means is something Supercell is not mentioning. Could be some minor tweaking or maybe even something against engineered bases.

I think we will see more details after a couple of Clan Wars have been completed after the update is released.

But to be honest with you guys, I’d be quite surprised if these improvements are more than just some smaller things or might even point at engineered bases – this would be either a too large change to just mention it on the bottom of the release notes (mind that people used months to make their base engineered) – or it would have be worth a mention in the Sneak Peeks.

October Update Date

Well, it looks like we won’t see the update happening today on Monday. Office hours over in Helsinki are pretty much over and there has never been an update out of Supercell office hours.

But I’m very sure that it will happen tomorrow. Here’s, by the way, a nice video with some Q&A about the update that I think are worth watching:

NewUpdate Livestream

The Livestream for the new features is starting soon. Tune in here:

Social Tab Recap

Looks like there are also some minor under-the-hood improvements of the friend. Make friends in-game without having them in Gamecenter, Facebook or Google Plus:

Sneak Peeks Over! Update Incoming!

This is the real big news of the day – Sneak Peeks are now complete (no Sneak Peeks during the weekend). Here’s the tweet from Clash With Ash (who also go exclusive video footage from Supercell, so he knows)

The only thing that we will see is the Air vs. Ground Tournament Livestream on Sunday (October 9th at 3pm UTC)

So this means the update could come on Monday, October 10th.

I have a little doubt on that since Monday is actually not a day for live updates and as far as I can remember we never had a Monday update.

A little sad, I really liked these Sneak Peeks and would have loved some more until the update is released 😀

Here’s a nice video with some great thoughts about the upcoming update:

Sneak Peek #4: Arranged Wars / Friendly Wars

Yes, this Sneak peek announced what Supercell already told us weeks ago – friendly wars are coming and the customizing feature is pretty nice:

Sneak Peek #3 shows Bomb Tower!

A new defense is coming at Town Hall 8 – the Bomb Tower. And it will stop mass attacks (most likely):

Clan Obstacles Coming? (October 5th, 2016)

An interesting detail in one of the yesterday’s videos revealed that something new will be available in the shop:

clan obstacles october 2016 update clash of clans yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

The interesting thing about this is, that is purple and not red, like usual.

It could be a new defense or anything, but I assume that these is for the Clan Perk related obstacles that have been rumored in August after the Developer Q&A:

Clan Perks:
Currently, perks cap out at level 10. However clan levels continue on. While not likely to happen in this coming update, what the team is planning to do is give some sort of reward for levelling up. (new decorations, clan flag, clan badges e.c.t)
They don’t want to increase the perks system because they too heavily influence people to join a specific clan, and in another year or two it would be extremely hard to recruit people into a startup clan with so many high-level clans.

I know that it wasn’t intentioned to be included, but this quote is from August 19th and the update was supposed to be in the middle od September.

Could that be possible? I’m excited anyway 🙂

New Army Training Queue & Presets! (Sneak Peek #2)

The second Sneak Peek shows us the new army training and it’s just awesome! You can quick train troops and save different armies you can train in a single click.

Also, Barracks now train together and optimize and improve the training time so your army will be ready even faster!

Read it all here:

Maintenance Break incoming! (October 5th, 2016)

A short Maintenance Break will be starting soon, but without any changes to the game:

I assume that this will prepare the servers for the update – which is still estimated for next week (around Oct 11th)

Halloween Event!

Of course, this year will also feature a Halloween Event which will have a nice theme and a annual special obstacle. Here’s how that will look like (at least 93% sure):
clash of clans halloween event 2016 obstacle yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Sneak Peeks announced! (October 4th, 2016)

Tons of new level, cheaper upgrade prices, more available to lower Town Hall’s and balancing in the first Sneak Peek:

Ground vs Air Livestream confirms update schedule

The next update is in the works and while getting ready for sneak peeks, we’re also preparing a livestream around the new features and content!

It won’t be just about the update – let’s also have a little bit of fun and see which one will be stronger – Ground or Air! While only ground troops or only air troops might not be your usual army composition, neither will this be a normal Clan War. Yes, it’s time for a Friendly War!

Ground vs Air livestream coming on October 9th at 3pm UTC!

Sneak Peeks planned for next week (September 28rth, 2016)

Breaking news everyone! Not even 1 hour ago Anoushka, in the name of Supercell, stated in the official forum that the Sneak Peeks are scheduled for next week – very likely October 4th or October 5th

clash of clans october 2016 update yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

This means we can assume that the update will happen around October 11th.

Well, she admitted that next week is only happening when everything is working the right way – but I think some real unexpected and bad stuff need to happen before this will blow up.

Get prepared, the probably biggest Clash of Clans update in 2016 is about to drop 🙂

Livestream for Clan Challenges (September 23rd, 2016)

Supercell just announced that they will be hosting a livestream for the new features and are looking for Clashers to participate.


The important thing that I take for this is that we can call the next update the October Update. I don’t think that the Sneak Peeks will start very soon considering they are just now searching for people for their livestream.

Ground vs. Air already sounds like the big comeback of air attacks in the next update.

PS: If you want to participate, Supercell is paying for flight and hotel. You can check in here

Sneak Peeks Coming This Week? (September 21st, 2016)

An interesting leak yesterday. Mr. spAnser, if you know, is leaking game file code from Clash of Clans and Clash Royale and always is right. He also successfully leaked the new spells and troops in former updates this year and announced yesterday an interesting comment on Reddit:

sneak peek september update clash of clans yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Ok, you might say this is just coincidence, but 23 hours later Supercell announced a Maintenance Break for the Clash of Clans server:

I think this is more than coincidence, but not confirmed officially. It seems odd that the Maintenance Break is planned to take a whole hour, that looks like the mentioned server version upgrade that will prepare the server for the update.

This would mean that the update is finished, about to start delivering to the AppStores for approval and Sneak Peeks are right about to start! 😀

What do you think?

Arranged War Coming (September 13th, 2016)

Supercell is really starting to communicate more and today they once again let us see what they are working on – and it’s in the direction of arranged Clan Wars. They took the approach that I also supported to make this like the Friendly Challenge (and with no doubt this will be called Clan Challenge). Here’s the full post:

Writing a quick post to let you know about something we are working on:

the Clan Challenge.

With Clan Challenges, Clans will be able issue a friendly War request to any other Clan daring to accept the challenge!

Choose war participants, set the duration of preparation/battle days and send your Clan Challenge request! As soon as the opposing Clan accepts the request, preparation day will begin.

This feature is not meant to replace Clan Wars (you can’t issue a Clan Challenge while there’s an ongoing Clan War), but it will offer better support for events and meet-ups organized by players, as well as other online/offline Community initiatives.

Keep in mind this is just a rough preview of things to come and we will provide more details at a later point, but for now share your thoughts in the the comments below!

You can also add your comments in the post in their official forum: see the original post and discussion thread here

I really like the idea that this is not just a normal Clan War and you can customize the length of these clan events. I don’t want to get too excited, but this could also turn into a tournament feature in the future.

Possible Features (September 8th, 2016)

You can submit new feature ideas in the official forum and a lot of Clashers did that during the past years. In case you don’t know, there is also a list of features that the developers consider and others that they rule out (like Gem Mine, resource trading, etc.)

I wrapped it up for you here:

Daddy Out The Club (September 8th, 2016)

Well, not specifically related to the next update but definitely worth mentioning. Supercell just banned Daddy out of their NDA club (the chat where influencer get inside information).

That’s a sad thing from my perspective – without knowing what happened there, they may have their reasons – but he is one of the first Youtubers for Clash of Clans and also one of the most-respected.

He always gave away his exclusive footage for other Youtubers to use when a new Sneak Peek was presented.

I hope he will continue playing Clash of Clans and also make great content.

ClashCon Canceled (September 2nd, 2016)

Ok this one is not really relevant for the September Update, but somewhat worth noticing. Supercell just canceled ClashCon:

Part of working in small teams means sometimes saying no to things we badly want to do. Unfortunately, this year, we have to say no to ClashCon.

While big events like ClashCon are a great way to give back to players, they are largely limited to the Clashers able to attend in person. We decided that this year the best way to thank our players is to stay focused on the things that benefit the entire Clash Community: improvements and additions to the games, and experiences that players everywhere can enjoy.

We’ll still be keeping an eye out for opportunities to support or host awesome events for players around the world. Thank you for reading, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

You remember when they started last year to make this a great event? Also, the announcement of Town Hall 11 and the new Hero (Grand Warden). Actually, they also announced “something is happening in November” (…on ClashCon).

Now it looks they seem to start realizing that their first priority should be getting the game back on track instead of hosting a convention.

No New Defense in September Update (August 26th, 2016)

Another new piece regarding the September Update:

no new defense in september update yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

First of all, it seems like the update is scheduled for more end than mid of September. On the other hand I think that the new defense comment in the first place lead to the problem that many expect a new defense for the next major update.

At least we have the confirmation that there won’t be a new defense, but I expect some more balancing changes together with finally some gameplay enhancements.

August Balancing Update Executed (August 25th, 2016)

The controversial balancing update is about to happen today. The exact numbers of the changes are here:

August Balancing Update – Shitstorm & Supercell re-thinking? (August 24th, 2016)

Yesterday’s announcement, especially the Healer changes, lead to a big storm of critic. Supercell paused the balancing update. While many got their hopes up that Supercell might think about the Healer changes and might change their plans, they published a statement to give us their thoughts behind that (called “risk vs. reward”). Here you can read the full story:

August Balancing Update (August 23rd, 2016)

Surprisingly, Supercell just announced a balancing update for today including Healer, Bowler, Miner and Eagle Artillery nerfs. You can read the full balancing list here:

Equal Base Level For Clan War? (August 22nd, 2016)

Several online portals (like here on MNRdaily) have written that Supercell is thinking about implementing a kind of same-level module for Clan War.

The intention behind that is that Clan Wars should only be won on the skill level and not due to mismatches, tailored bases or gaps in defense levels. So, basically, this means that all defense level get set to the same level.

Of course this would make Clan Wars more skill-based, focused on attacking skills and clan organization – but would that be fair? I mean I upgrade my defenses in order to be better than other players and that’s also a part of the clan war victory.

Is this the only way Supercell will be able to fix the (still) broken matchmaking algorithm that still produces a lot of unfair matchups?

Also, please mind that I haven’t found any source in these articles, but reading often about it made me add this rumor here.

What do you think? is that a good or a bad idea?

Developer Q&A (August 19th, 2016)

Some official statements from the Supercell developers just published in the forum. That’s directly from a developer meeting at Supercell.

The team doesn’t use the words ‘engineered bases’, they call them ‘lopsided bases’.
A few months back they changed clan war weighting to stop people who had high-level bases, but low-level troops only upgrading the ones they used. But then people learnt to do the opposite. They will be balancing things out again, though I was not given a time frame, so could be this update but also might not.

Clan Perks:
Currently, perks cap out at level 10. However clan levels continue on. While not likely to happen in this coming update, what the team is planning to do is give some sort of reward for levelling up. (new decorations, clan flag, clan badges e.c.t)
They don’t want to increase the perks system because they too heavily influence people to join a specific clan, and in another year or two it would be extremely hard to recruit people into a startup clan with so many high-level clans.

Heroes in War:
Still a no to having upgrading heroes always available. However, they really want to have them in FC’s, to allow for real practice, so it’s very likely that we will see some changes there.

Global Chat & Co-Leader Chat:
Global chat has been on the radar for a long time, the problem is so many on the team have mixed feelings about it. Some want to get rid of it, others want to improve it because it’s really the only in-game way of recruiting people. So nothing has been decided on this yet, but it’s on the agenda for the next meeting.
In regards to co-leader chat, they love the idea of it, but are unsure of the implementation of it. Every single message is recorded due to legal reasons, and another chat is just more messages to store. So in short, the moderation of such a thing would be tricky, but also not ruled out now.

Friendly Challenges:
I can’t give any details on what’s coming in case things change, but you can expect a lot of improvements and changes to friendly challenges. One thing I stressed is the 24 hour cool down needs improvement. Especially if you are testing a base, and need to move a few traps, it can be rather frustrating waiting to try it again. They seemed rather receptive of having a minimum amount of moves before the cool down activates.
They also explained the cool down was never part of the design, but an addition to solve the modding issues that the community brought up during the sneak peeks. And they are open to improving it.

See the original post here

To wrap it all up:

  • War Weight Balancing against engineered bases
  • No upgrading Heroes in Clan War (honestly, I already gave up on that)
  • New Clan special items but no new Clan Perks
  • Friendly Challenge improvements (and hopefully Clan War Preparation Day improvements)

Heroes & Mortars (August 17th, 2016)

iTechPost just released a new article claiming that there will be some reworking of the Mortar and new Heroes.

Like the ParentHerald article, there is no source mentioned so I think it’s just a summary of what we see in the forums all the time.

Many want a way stronger Mortar to fight back against Miners, Valkyries and Bowlers – but I’m very sure this won’t be that easy, because the Mortar is one of the first defenses and would change so much in lower Town Hall Levels that this solution will cause more damage overall than benefit.

For All Town Hall Level, Mining Gems, New Spell System? (August 17th, 2016)

There was an interesting post published on ParentHerald claiming that the next update will give us:

  • A New Spell Mechanic
  • Gem Mining opportunity
  • some new features for all Town Halls

There is no source mentioned, so I don’t think that there is much behind it except some guessing.

Reworking the mechanics of spells seems unnecessary to me and gem mining is also unlikely.

That there will be a new gameplay feature is however very likely – and also necessary in my opinion.

Arranged Wars, Upgrading Heroes, New Game Mode? (August 16th, 2016)

It has gotten a little quiet lately about the next update, but arranged war seems to still have all focus of the community.

The thing about arranged wars is right – arranged wars would mess up any kind of real competition, also because very different clans could war against each other.

I believe that, if arranged wars are coming, it will be a feature similar to the friendly challenge. Having a friendly clan war (how weird that expression sounds….) that is not having any results on the clan stats and also doesn’t reward a bonus.

Arranged Wars Rumors (August 10th, 2016)

We all know that something is going down when multiple and well-known Clash of Clans YouTubers visit the Supercell headquarters in Helsinki. Apparently, this is happening right now when we take a look at their Twitter accounts.

ChiefPat, Galadon, OrangeJuice, Powerbang, etc. – that seems like big stuff is going down.

Here’s a tweet from Powerbang that is giving more than just hints (not officially, but I think you get the point).

They shot a promotional video there, but I’m sure they’ve been talking a lot about the future of Clash of Clans and also about the content of the next Clash of Clans Update in September.

Balancing & New Defense (August 3rd, 2016)

The initial post brought a lot of confusion so there was a new forum post today to bring some clarification

clash of clans september 2016 update yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

I think it’s no surprise that the balancing part will come with the current state of mass Valkyrie, Bowler and Miner attacks.

In the end, I’m glad that Supercell recognized that it will be a never ending DPS/Hitpoint/Housing Space modification and they want to balance it out with a new defense for good.

Important thing is that this new defense will NOT come in the next update (short-term vs. long-term)!

That’s also confirmed by Supercell:

no new defense in clash of clans september 2016 update yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Town Hall 12 Rumors (August 2nd, 2016)

Jake from OneHive announced that he quits – which is really sad because I’ve always been a huge fan of his content. Within this forum post there was one single comment that made – I don’t know why – a lot of people think that TH12 is around the corner.


I think you understand why this is simply not correct and not the intention of Anoushka – however, I got literally tons of emails asking when TH12 will be released.

My personal opinion is that TH12 will not come anytime in the next 12 months.

Announcement of the Update (August 1st, 2016)

Here is the announcement that the next update will not happen in August 2016

clash of clans september 2016 update yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

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  1. Guys, I’m a th8 in champions 3(barely hanging there). Ever since the update, I’m getting too many th 11s as opponents as well as th10s but very few th 9s. Before the update it used to be the exact opposite. I want to stay in champions but this has made it even tougher than it already was in the first place. Is anybody facing something like this?

    been in the champions for the last 2 weeks or so, and was at around 2400s at one point.

    • You can stay in champions league even if you go below 3200 trophies but stay above 3100. You’ll still get champions league bonus, but below 3200 the search mechanism tries to find similar Town Hall levels for opponents. That’s my understanding anyways and it might be wrong, I believe I read that here on this site in a previous post and was doing it myself awhile ago. Just pay attention to when league season ends, once it restarts you’ll drop down to masters if your under 3200

      Cheers 😆

  2. Yeah, the update came at last,and its amazing 😲 . SuperCell did a real fine job here 👍,and i dont think anyone has got any complaints about this update 🙊 ,cause everyone seems to be happy 😏 . So maybe this thread is going to Close at last happily. 😊😊😊

  3. Maintenance break is supposed to fix issues with some players not getting everything in the special packages they bought. I personally had no issues. 10 mil gold, 100k dark elixir, & 1200 gems for $10…
    You’d be a fool not to buy this! NO STORAGE LIMITS!

  4. Guys what’s going on barbarians and archers are getting trained continuously without any cost in the camps also all of my barracks are free then from where those troops are coming from!!

    • Same problem here.
      My last army trained was miners now even though training queue is empty miners are constantly trained. makes it a pain to train other stuff.


    • Alright got it previously my golems and pekkas wiz used to train together so the timer used to start together now they train one by one THAT’S SO BAD MAN!

      • Yah. The new barracks are not good. You now have to wait for a whole army to train in order to cook 1 special troop for donation, or clear you whole army from que then renter it. I guess you can’t make all the people happy all the time

      • Why don’t you pay attention to the sneak peeks? You can move troops in the queue and place them wherever you want.

      • You can easily change the order in the que. Even when you have full army and second army too ready (240+240), just delete from the que -for example- two giants, cook a baby dragon, move it in front of que, donate it and cook the giants back again.

    • Not sure your situation but my armies are way faster to train, if anything $uper €ell going to rake it in now because heros regeneration times can’t keep up with army,,, GEM GEM GEMS.

      Cheers 😆

    • Are all your barracks level 10? if not then upgrade them to level 10 which will reduce the brewing times of pekkas.

  6. Currently updating my clash of clans. From comments it seems many people r disappointed 😐😐 but I would love to get proved wrong 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  7. wow can’t believe they’re trying to kill collector raids. My army with barch/goblins/minions takes longer to build than my army with giant/wiz/barch. and on top of that any leftover troops completely messes up the preset queue because they’re produced in groups by type. TERRIBLE!

    • maybe they just want people to learn how to attack and stop hunting dead bases with full collectors with barch and gobs? you just said it bigger better armies are now quicker why would you keep using those basic tier 1 troops?

      • 100% I like this direction,,, I hated the no more sniping TH update at first,,, but now I realize game is way better now that you actually need to try, Keeps players who are actually interested in game here and playing for longer.

        Cheers 😆

  8. Less than an hour to finish the update – can’t wait – will have to stay up. Actually bad timing – had waited and waited, decide not coming so started war!!

  9. I have given up the wait and started upgrades rolling again with a stockpile of resources ur base is an open invitation for attacks 😑😑😑

  10. Definitely not today Office hours are just about over 😟 Wish they would throw us a bone like a 1 gem bost or something just think we had a dismal update in July and its now the middle of October In the past would have had two separate updates by now. I sure hope this update lives up to the hype.😐

  11. No logical person wants a rushed update. Apparently the update is not coming today but this was expected. My predictions seems right for the moment for an update early hours tomorrow. BUT between getting a correct update and mocking with anxious players with filed storages and ccs there is a big difference. Official posts like “Rdy for update” posted this morning with a band of witches ready to attack are at least irrelevant (I use that word only because I respect allclash.com) and makes users angry and more inpatient for the update. Let it come within a month or year but please https://www.facebook.com/clashwithashofficial/?fref=ts dont mock with players.

    • The was no official “rdy for update”.
      Just because a player with a NGA who likes witches tweets a witch army screenshot doesn’t mean anything.
      Last week it was told officially “the update will roll out next week on some day”.
      This named week is only half way over, so relax 🙂

      • I will have to appologise. It is not official. CWA is not a SC employee as far as I know. But he is not paratame either. I am really relaxed Timmy and not anxious at all. When it comes it comes. I will not go deeper. There is no use. I will only say that I love your site because these kind of comments (rdy for the update) are not used in AllClash unless you are 100% sure because they are pointless and makes players frustrated. I hope you undesrtand. Cheers.

  12. Looking forward to a polished update! Hopefully they are doing some testing. Would be nice to see some more balancing in Clan Wars. Take your time SC! Make it count!

    • Two of the best thing they can do to clan wars is :-
      1. Do something for engineered bases.
      2. Lower the war preparation time.

  13. Ok do u all think i shuld just spend the 7 mil elixer i have on loons or something……..? Or will the update come today or tmmrw?

    • 20 witch attack? What r u even trying to do?? If ur successful with this composition then I would like to see the video of ur attack!

      • No m8. I would never do that. The pic is directly from CWA official facebook page. It was posted this morning.

  14. Geez enough is enough supercell how long will u keep us waited? with all those sneak peaks out it had become clear what’s gonna come in, still keeping us waited so long isnt right. #whythistorture

    • Ok so you rather want a bugged update that is not playable? They have their reasons, believe me…
      We waited 3 month, so why are a couple hours (or maybe days) such a huge deal 😉

      • You got that right Tim, Nobody wants a bugged update that creates issues after some time, or we would only complain to them that they released a bugged update hurriedly… 🙂

      • Ah I think ur right but I wished they hadn’t had given away all the sneak peeks that ruins the element of surprise.

  15. Still no update 😖 hopefully we get it this week. Been looking forward to this since September.

    Any thoughts on how much wiz will be in th9 lab. I’ve almost maxed my elixir at 8 million last few days in prep for this update lol. Goodbye 3 million on a wall piece I guess 😭. And I assume bomber tower will be the 2 million we seen in the sneak peek video.

    Cheers 😆

    • Hey Tim this is actually not a bad idea for a new section on this site. A place to recruit clan members. I’m sure we can all agree global is horrible for recruiting.

      Cheers 😆

    • that’s right, it’s officially delayed. Not even sure if it’s tomorrow, but Supercell want to keep it done this week.
      With Friday not being an update day, it’s only tomorrow and thursday left.
      I still try to get some info what’s going on and what’s the reason for that…

      • emm well that’s a little bit disappointing for all of us ! there getting a lot of clasher’s very angry. hopefully like you said it well be live in this week , we can’t wait any longer

  16. This is really frustrating……..filled my storages and left lab and builder idle for 3 days………now it seems we had to wait two more? Is this some kind of joke frm supercell?

    • Nothing is certain with this company except one thing. We are talking big update and they will definetely NOT take the risk of crash. The update is not for today… this means problems. And the problems are definitely not the app stores. It is not about balancing either the update is officialy announced and they would never take back their decisions about the game. So they have technical “code” issues. They would never put the update on Friday either cause they would not have the time to fix issues once online. So thats why my prediction if for early hours of Thursday.
      But I repeat, this is only my prediction. I am just a simple user as you are.

  17. Pretty excited about the update! And Tim, can you please make some bases for TH8+ when the update goes live as we get the bomb tower?

    • hi guys i heard recent news from clash of clan the update could happen on October 16 next sunday due to the third party software copying the update so there will be any chance in the new update which means the plan is going to change in update

      • Tim, app store approvals dont take that long for a major developer like SC. Anoushka annoucement (today 1 hour ago) makes me think that app store is not the issue.


      • next Sunday would be October 23? so is it this Sunday or next Sunday? also…doesn’t supercell realise that constantly delaying the update release is annoying players, they shouldn’t say the exact date until they update is actually ready…


  18. What about pm (personal message)? sometimes it’s necessary to talk to a guy one on one without interference from others. Wot blitz already did that and its pretty useful too!

  19. Decent live stream, air didn’t stand a chance, too easy to setup bases when you know air coming. Glad to see that even top tier players still just getting 2 star attacks. Ground and pound with those bowlers though, no sign of miners or hogs, never really got to see new bomb tower in action. Bring on the update I’m sick of just spending gold and elixir on 3 million wall pieces.

    Nice clash with ash video too.

    Cheers 😆

    • I feel your pain! walls and heroes at th9 lol. the stream was good but to much advantage for ground. air defense layouts are more sustained easier. And ash did a great video!

      • Yup,,, me too heros and walls for months now. Looking forward to getting tower and throwing wiz in lab, already stocked up on loot ready to go.

        Yeah ground team setup perfect to defend air, they had huge advantage. $uper €ell kinda 💩 the bed trying to showcase air attacks lol. Pretty bad when top tier players getting 0 star attacks.

        Cheers 😆

    • Everything went wrong man, !!! Team Air lost many stars due to the Strong rock bases of Team Ground. and was there even a bomb tower in action ??? 🙂

    • Yea ground team had the advantage from the start. Air team couldn’t even use wb??? Not a good way to try and show air attacks are making a comeback…

  20. YAAAAA !!!!!! Live-stream starting soon….. im with the AIR side. if anyone’s with me, hit the upvote button. 😉😉😉

      • Hey bro , thanks for everything. and my clan is= Rampant Rebels(Level 6 Clan). stay cool, and stay classy 😉

      • yap, that’s why it will work a little different when the update is released – people can’t prepare for air only attacks.
        Just from watching I think air still needs a little additional buff to be on top again

  21. I’m really hoping this new social feature allows you to chat with the friends on your list or at least send them messages with no cool down.

  22. I had shelfed my coc few months back, I was waiting for substantial update to start playing coc again. I thought this update would be the one I’m waiting for because supercell made huge waves about it, they canceled clash con delayed the update and everybody thinking like it’s a the biggest update ever.

    friendly clan wars feature would exist just for sake of existence just like decorations and flags in coc.

    Little positive about this update is bomb tower and troops training mechanism. Similar troop training mechanism exist in game BATTLE OF GALAXIES from day one. But still I congratulate supercell for crossing the line even in last. Still on the other hand troops training system wouldn’t change anything in game play nor it will bring any refreshment.

    Overall if I have to define this update in one word than this word is in capital letters


    Same sesaw updates we are seeing over the years. Instead of introducing new contents and game features developers chose to up and down troops stats just like sesaw. Sneak peek no.1 is a joke and why it is I have already mentioned it in its section.

    • Maybe you shouldn’t play anymore… Bye-Bye!
      If your going to negatively sum up the update in one word, probably should spell it correctly.

  23. The main update I would like to see is a warning in our clan chat abt upcoming maintenance breaks abt 30-60 minutes before it happens. That will help alot with late war attacks.

  24. I have a objection here Tim. I don’t know I’m right or wrong. Yesterday in the bomb tower video Galadon said that he hoped we would come back the next day for watching more four sneek peaks. What did he mean by more four sneek peaks? What would you say about it Tim?

    • Hatd to tell what he meant. They alao get their video material way before so they alao produce their videos days before they will be released.
      I might have heard that the tubers also don’t know the order of the sneak peeks when they produce the videos, so maybe this is a mixup.
      However, I think Ash is right here and weekend sneak peeks are also not very common, especially with the livestream on sunday

  25. Honestly speaking I don’t see a point in friendly clan war {and besides I read somewhere a war isn’t friendly by any standards lol} so back to the point yeah it would be good to test out members but almost 99% people know whom to take in war and whom to not take in war. 👍👍👍 But it still won’t give any loot so who would take expensive army for those attacks?? Huh? {👎👎👎👎 }

    • U only lose the cc troops, other troops won’t be used up as in the friendly challenge, so just a good way to test bases and troop selections with friends in other clans

    • I agree friendly war challenge is not what we have been waiting for, a war with no loot, clan xp, or war stars? Why waste time and resources on that, ya your troops are not used up, but you have to use them eventually and war troops are more expensive then looting troops, I’m excited about most the update changes, just this isn’t an exciting feature, can’t ask my clan to waste time and resources for nothing in return.

  26. To be honest, I am willing to wait a year for a new update/troop/building/hero/whatever so long as they fix one thing NOW….. global chat.

    The english global chat is filled with all the language that don’t have their own server. Persian/Arabic/etc is dumped in English global due to their language not being supported in game. Give them their own server as its impossible to recruit for your clan when theres only arabs in global chat.

    • they should just red rid of the gobal and start using threads where you can join/jump in manually (separated by languages, country, region, recruiting etc.)
      any try to fix the global chat with automation is doomed from the start – so rethinking it more like chatroom will make everyone happy IMO 😀

  27. Definitely makes it nice to see newest at the top and of course I scrolled to the bottom right after you changed it lol do you happen to know when they will announce the players who were picked for the livestream? I’m assuming that the sneak peeks will begin with the livestream and the update will be following it shortly after. My guess is obviously more work to be done to increase use of air army compositions. I’m almost more excited to see the livestream then the new content after the last two updates supercell vomited out at us. Happy clashing everyone

    • Haha sorry for the confusion 😂 The livestrtam will very likely be a part of the sneak peeks, so I assume they will pick them during this week, but I have no official knowledge about that 🤔

  28. Tim you said that you are not sure about the date of the update. And you are expecting it would happen in October. But till now some web portals are saying that the update will go live this month. What’s your opinion about that?

    • TBH many web portals say stupid stuff. I’ve seen one article where they linked this post from me and say that Town Hall 12 is coming…
      Initially SC said they plan an update for Mid September (estimated), back at the beginning of August and so many think that it is still planned for september.
      But just look at the facts, they are now looking for people to do a livestream of the new features (that is probably BEFORE the update during Sneak Peeks) and updates are normally released between Tuesday-Thursdays.
      In the best case scenario Sneak peeks start next week, then update is about 1 week after, which is already October
      There is no way that the update will happen in September (unless I’m crazy wrong here)

  29. Timmy, you should make the new content appear on the top it’s kind of annoying to scroll all the way down to read new content. Thanks!

    • Yeah I know, my bad.
      If I wouldn’t be so busy with the new design right now, I’d just turn it upside down.
      Maybe at the weekend I find some minutes to do it 🙂

    • Haha thanks. I wanted to actually wait until the update is over, but now that it seems to take some more days I decided to bring that one here live.


      1.) New look for desktop/tablet users (almost finished)
      2.) Also mobile website will get this new look (one unified design for all users)
      3.) Performance upgrading. Yeah, the website got slow so there will be a lot improvements, getting rid of a lot of old stuff that is not up to date anymore
      4.) Finalizing Push Notification without app/signup through browser (some of you might already have seen them) – unfortunately not for iOS (yet), due Apple did not bring Web Push in iOS10 -.-
      5.) Cool social features (contributing content, create lists, share your stuff, rate other stuff, socialize, write each other etc. – but psssst I will announce that when it’s done, possibilities are huge).

      I was planning this since the beginning of 2016. So many people come here (and the number is still growing month after month), so I want this to be more than a place to read what my thoughts are.

      But my posts will continue like they have been in the past 2.5 years, no worries 🙂

      I was working on this for like 2 month now and I really hope you’ll like it 🙂 I hope this weekend will be enough time to do it.

      I will write a post when I’m done to show you what changed and what’s new

  30. Well ill keep it simple. I dont think Supercell has any idea what theyre doing. Almost everytime they make an update, things get worse. Theyre losing devoted fans/players everyday because they wont even tell anyone what to expect in the next updae until the very last minute. Its rediculous tbh. You claim you want ppl to keep playing but dont have the decency to say “hey, you know what this is what you can expect in the next update”. You keep it top secret which is kinda childish. Im nearly a maxed th9 but am close to calling it quits because of how troop a.i.’s are getting. There is almost no incentive to keep me interested other than raiding(which has gotten to be almost a complete waste of time), and war. Friendly challenges are useless because of the 24 cool off if you even accidently move something on your base. It seems that Supercell only cares about thier top players & gemmers, to hell with everyone else. Get mad if you want but when it gets to a point to where every attack consists of mass troop attacks bc Supercells team cant nerf/ modify troop & defenses properly, maybe it is time for clash to die out. Its sad when a pos game like pokemon go is stealing the spotlight from Supercell. New players and lower th’s have almost no reason to play anymore because Supercell simply ignores them. Just saying.

  31. I really think the mortar idea to nerf valks, bowlers, and miners would work if you did it similar to the wiz tower. You can’t change the low level mortar, but after say level 5 or 6 the mortar has a large DPS/HP boost. Or you could make the mortar fire 1.5 seconds faster than now. So 3.5 seconds between shots instead to 5.

  32. I think you need to reverse the order of the info…new information on top and older below….so when you click on title it takes you the latest update information

    • right, that’s a good point. I just wanted to give people who are seing this page the first time the opportunity to read the whole thing in a flow and not from bottom-to-top.
      But I think I will give it a try next time 🙂

    • I disagree. It takes no more than a few months to be a maxed th7. And if you take into account that this game (which has been going for over 4 years) is very much a long term game, a few months isn’t much.
      I started about a year and a half ago, after about 4 months I was upgrading to th8, after that it takes significantly longer to upgrade. I upgraded to TH10 2 months ago and it will take ages to get it all upgraded.

      rewarding TH 1 – 6 is in my opinion useless because not many people stay there long enough.
      TH 7 is the lowest TH that I feel should be included in the update, but I wouldn’t mind if it isn’t.
      Most people are at th8 and 9.

      If they are going to do a TH11 exclusive again then so be it. I’m thinking there will be a lot of stuff in TH11 that will need to get more lvl’s like troops/defences/traps. If you look at all the stuff you get when you upgrade from TH9 to 10 and compare it to the meager amount you get when upgrading from TH10 to 11, you will understand why they add what looks like TH11 exclusives, but in reality they are taking their time to make sure defenses and attacks fits well.

      • Ok,maybe you’re right dude,but they shouldn’t just ignore the TH7’s and TH8’s completely.
        And even if they are doing something for the endgamers,let it not be something useless again. 😉😉😉

      • Loman is right, the time spent at the low level th’s is not really enough to make it worthwhile to add content for. And if you think about it 90% of clashers played through those TH levels and continued on. If your seeing updates for the TH your about to reach and then a month later your going to the next one does it feel like you got something? Th7 got the air sweeper introduced and got a dark drill after I was out of th7 but I also had spells damage storages while I was at that lvl (honestly I got my barb king through lightning spells on a dark storage like half the clashers who did th7 early in the game) so the lower lvl th’s have gotten included in past updates. Th11 has a lot going on and although I’m th10 with two th9 accounts I agree it needs more work as I plan to sit at th10 working on walls and heroes while they buff out all the rough edges of th11. But the content ahead is enough to make me want to keep pushing for the dream of a maxed out base without gemming to get there. Supercell will even out the top in the next year or so imo then focus more on getting new players and getting lower players excited to get up to a higher lvl. Plus, who is below th5 and doesn’t constantly request max hogs to go tear apart multi bases with enough loot to fill their max storages in one or two attacks? Everyone rushes through the low levels and pushes to go higher. Or do you know someone who is like, “I’m staying at TH4 forever to help my clan in war!” I don’t lol

    • I’m with alvido. I don’t feel like clash is bringing in a lot of new players. So many people have quit the game now and we need a larger influx of new faces to keep it strong in the future. Low th’S want content too!

      • TBH there have been 2 points in the past 12 month where a lot of players left:
        1. Removal of exposed town halls in dec 2015
        2. permanent ban wave 3 weeks ago
        So wht kind of players left? After december the ones that only attacked once every few days and hidden themselves behind exposed town halls and the banned players who all cheated…
        So the numbers got lower, but these poayers haven’t really contributed anything to the game we play.
        If supercell bow fixes some balancing and find a new enticing game mode the game will be better than ever 🙂

      • Supercell would surely give some updates to lower TH’s if many people do support the idea.

    • Cool idea, would love a wager system, even if only in clan wars. But i doubt they would do it, it could be exploited and they won’t implement something like this unless its locked down.

      • All languages that don’t have their own server like Persian/arab etc get dumped in English global server.

        Its why many people that speak english changed their in game language to Swedish to join Swedish server and there global is mostly english. the downside is your entire game is swedish, which is a pain.

    • Its one of the things that irritates me the most.
      Global chat is the only way to chat with people in game, but how can you recruit new members when they dump arab/persian/etc who don’t have their own language server into the english one.

  33. What would be great is supercell letting us know in our clan chat abt upcoming maintenance breaks. Abt 30 – 60 minutes would be plenty. Getting tired of maintenance breaks deciding our wars. Ppl have other commitments. Instant stops on attacks is very poor communication and this is my clans biggest gripe.

    • I also messaged SC regarding this. I stopped playing BB, but I did notice that on BB they give a much longer announcement that an update is coming.

  34. Tim it would be easier to read if you put the most recent on top. I read all your articles so I had to scroll all the way down for the new stuff. But otherwise I love your stuff. Thanks for writing it.

  35. I would like to see the Wizard tower attacks get more powerful with each jump to another of the same troop. Picture it…15 miners coming toward a WT. The 1st gets hit with the normal damage, the 2nd gets hit with 1.5x damage…

    Something like this might make programming a nightmare, but would surely eliminate mass troop armies.

    • Exactly what I have been thinking, but perhaps a single target mode that jumps, remove splash effect. Maybe a new lightning tower.

      No issue programming, WoW has these spells.

      • A mix of wizard tower and tesla. The purpose would be the jump effect creating increased damage. Tesla has other purposes, being hidden and firing with short interval. Wizard tower has splash.

        Say… Bowler tower? Each bounce targets another of same troop type and increases damage. It keeps bouncing as long as there are more units of same type in range. When the ball hits the last target, it disappears and a new ball is thrown. Hence, it’s DPS is higher the more troops of same type are grouped up!

    • No they can’t do that as it will make lavaloon attacks so much harder. It’s already hard enough with sweepers added wiz tower hit points and infernos so any buff to wiz tower defense would make it impossible.

  36. Night time mode….you can see the videos on youtube. And make it so clans own territory like RISK. The more your clan wins the more you control.

  37. Timmy, plz explain to me why this is a “new” article that you posted today (13 Sept) when my comment just below this is 7 days old.

    I though this was a rehash of all the stuff you said already, but it seems its a duplicate or something.

      • Ah, makes sense now.

        Can’t wait for the sneak peeks to begin. Hopefully it isn’t a let down like a certain update not too long ago.

        From what I can see, I doubt it will be super cool. most of the features doesn’t interest me. Arranged wars, sounds like the friendly challenge but for the clan, if it doesn’t have rewards like clan war then whats the point. clan would have to waste elixer/dark elixer to train troops for CC and also to war, but if theres not much of a reward, why bother. the only ones that would really use this are high lvl youtubers warring against each other, or clans with feeder/sister clans.

        As a new Th10 player, there is only one thing I would change at the moment, the ability to see how many people in the clan are online at the moment.

      • Timmy, I just saw the part about “For All Town Hall Level”

        Anything written by the ParentHerald should be seen as rumor / speculation / hoax.

        They have had the same “gem mine coming” in every update article since I started clashing.
        I very much doubt supercell would do that since theres already a mechanic in game that gives you gems.

        What they might do is smaller challenges/daily challenges that rewards you with gems.
        think Achievements but instead of it taking months to complete it takes a day or a few hours. on the flip side instead of getting 1000 gems you might get 10 or so. I am also speculating at the moment. I’m merely saying that IF Supercell were to implement something that gives a player more gems, my scenario seems more likely than a gem mine. They want people more active and a gem mine won’t do that.

  38. Class challenge is useless for most players,either your clan goes to war or you challenge clans and get no-reward-wars, probably unbalanced too.

  39. Demands of true gamers :-
    1. New hero at th6 or 8, of elixir
    2. Change the clan perks fot level 1 to 10 clans
    3. There should be new defence
    4. The update should show how many clan members are online.
    5. Upgrade time of troops should be reduced OR multiple upgrades should be allowed in lab

  40. Here are some of my update ideas:
    1. Clan Wars & Friendly Challenges
    If someone does a FC while in war, replay is not available to anyone until the war ends and the attacker won’t be able to use his remaining war attacks. Take out the FC cooldown and bring back the old Prep. Day
    2. Valkyrie Nerf
    Level 6+ Mortars do more damage to Valkyries and Healing Spells heal Valkyries slower
    3. Miner & Bowler Nerf
    Bowlers have a lower DPS and Miners are affected by Giant Bombs or a new trap to affect underground
    4. .5 strategy Nerf
    This strategy is just exploiting the game mechanics and i think it is not fair. Compare the attack strength with the defense strength, that way if there is a .5 in war, his nearest opponents are weak in attack but strong in defense.
    5. New stuff like – Lightning Spell does x2 damage to Clan Castle Pekka (kind of random but it fits quite well); Level 7 clan castles for th 11, not a big cost, no more tropp space (still 35) but 2 or 3 spell space instead of 1; Lightning and Earthquake can damage storages but not take resources;
    6. Clone Spell Buff – 3 spell space instead of 4
    7. Skeleton Spell Buff – I really don’t know how to buff it feel free to reply
    8. Friendly Challenges
    Training troops for FC is in a different tab and it trains troops instantly without any cost
    9. Daily Quests with new rewards
    10. New Achievements
    11. New Goblin Levels – Reward you Dark Elixir as well
    12. More… a lot more…

  41. Dear Supercell yesterday and with starting new ban wave, my account has been banned in a wrong way because I had never used any mod or any other 3Rd party software please consider it Supercell and give me back my game I love my Village and work hard for it thanks for your answer

  42. Funny the views on .5 or not, we don’t have any real .5’s currently but when we level up we push Offense first hard. many times our 9’s get matched vs high level or Max D and still don’t have nearly max D. Yet we usually win in the end. Max troops don’t help poor attacks much, and max D doesn’t stop great attack either. If I choose to forgo D to help my War WT my choice. Perhaps whomever is picking rigs for War needs to look at this when they select bases, and also consider the skill of the team.
    I’d bet most clans are not losing matches because of lopsided or .5 bases but due to bad attacks. In fact a few wars ago as top base I drew a 9.5 and Blind wiped him. He got me with max Govaho but failed on our 2nd, they lost.
    We avg 80-90% first hit TH8 wipes and 75% first hit TH9 wipes(and most fails are 90% 2 stars)
    I do wish Heroes were avail for War at prior level it would help participation. Sometimes we have to add a dead base to make numbers.
    Also since SC want more trophy pushing do something about the Trophy issue, why is it tied to difference in cups? A max TH10 2 Leagues below wipes a TH9 and they get 30+ cups.. A TH9 wipes a par base and gets 4…lame.

    • The cups works like any standard ranking system. Prime example is rankings for chess, read up on it.

      The problem here is that you mostly get rewarded with resources you steal, this is based on what a base contains, minus any TH level difference. The league bonus is based on the ranking instead.

      What you are really asking for is that more of the reward comes from ranking and less from the base itself. For example, if most of the resources you gain comes from the league bonus, a lot more people would try to play in the higher league they “belong”, so they gain more resources.

      Today people try to OP other bases by lwoering their ranking, creating this uneven situation.

      • Man if you such a bad ass that you can win in a legend league I would give you a million bonus lol!! I mean anyone…. It means you spared no cost and went all out!! But supercell went even as far as giving us a percent destruction and reducing the amount won from the battle… Fuqing stingy blokes… Ah? I rip dead bases now all day, why? Because they failed so many times and had to bring them back…. They would succeed much more if the SYSTEM RESTORE this game to about a year ago 😂😂 I bet their programming would get 10 fold easier and their headaches 10 fold smaller…. They make their bed, they sleep in it! It’s quiet messy now….. 🙄

    • Damn right, want me to push for tropheys and get wrecked all the time struggling with resources…. Well you better make it worth my while!! Like you said, keep those tropheys 20-30 range forever and I will start today…. Let the trophey push show a dedication, luck and time invested of a person not trying to suppress their progress and dumbing down the count.. If I can lose 30 well make sure I can get as many available!! At least! I had fun pushing it was awesome and even could keep the upgrades going but that trophey crap got old fast….

  43. I would like to see some changes or additions…Friendly Challenge, posted bases stay in chat, even you should be able to attack your own bases, Moveable Obstacles, Personal Messaging, Notifier for when someone’s online, prep day time reduced, THs 1-4 structure upgrade times reduced, button for max queable troops, donation to war CCs count for donations, among changes to skeletons, dupe, witch. New spells like teleport(2 part), Bait, Invisibility, resurrection, new clan banner emblems and customization. Option to rename your base and clan more than once. A better way for clans to recruit.

    • a lot of this sounds very nice and I would appreciate it.
      Only exception are new spells! The game is a balancing mess, still and I don’t want to see any new stuff until this is worked out again

  44. I run a clan, we play to win war. Offense over Defense is the way to win. Even place noob accnts in war to help counter weight elsewhere. We reach high win streaks, and this is where we encounter the top war clans in the game. (30+ streaks). X.5 vs X.5 clans usually a draw and kills win streak… Change this so we can keep fighting top clans. Offense over Defense is the way to go for active players. Attacking is how you get most your loot. Only point in defense is trophies. Do offenses, traps, and walls first. We wait for walls and research anyways when keeping 5 builders on defenses.

  45. Hey I recently found something while I was editing my base in village edit mode,I found a troop that looked very close to a dog, I have attached the screenshot below,will a new troop come?plz reply

  46. I see that my brief expression of displeasure struck a nerve with you Garrett… Sadly, I admit I took the time to read what you vomited onto this chat. Sounds like you have been whooped by one too many .5 bases. Don’t feel so bad little fellow🍭. Just so you know… I have a max TH 11 account that guess what!? I EARNED IT the old fashion way😜 I also have a max TH 9, and you will never believe this! I farmed and farmed all the way! But wait, there’s more! I have a beautiful 9.5👍 And let me tell you… Since it is very clear you have no clue what is involved… This is not an easy thing to do. The 9.5 has taken much more effort to build. Imagine that🤔. Given that all I have stated is true chances are that not only am I myself more experienced than you but I also stayed at a Holliday Inn Express last night! So… Don’t be such a hater man, war is hell… I war to win, if that means you get some sand kicked in your eyes I suggest you get some shades😎

    • You make fun of me for responding to your comments, yet here you are, putting just as much into this as I am lol. I actually haven’t run into too many lopsided bases/clans, and actually beat the poorly executed ones I’ve seen. I’m just tired of all of the “Supercell is taking things from me personally, bring back the old clash, I’m boycotting untill supercell caters to me” talk. As I mentioned before, you don’t seem to be actually understanding my posts, I don’t care how much effort you put into making an unfair base. Just because you put a lot of effort into beating the algorithm doesn’t make you entitled. Funny how my thought out argument against lopsided bases is “vomit” while your last post was full of meaningless insults, bragging, and whatnot. I’m sure it was intelligent to you though. Just know that if it’s a big enough issue that the developers are patching it, then you’re likely on the losing side of the argument. I see that this has boiled down to your compelling argument consisting of petty insults, so I’ll leave it at that.

      • Well Garrett, you got me… You win. Your right, I’m wrong. If you don’t mind, please send me a copy of the coc rule book where it is stated that creating a .5/engineered base is unfair/cheating. I’m sure you have it next to your toilet right beside your opinions💩 But seriously, I’m not really that upset about it… I’m a clasher man. If the game changes I just change with it as always. So thanks for the conversation and I hope all your clash dreams get answered✌🏻️

  47. One thing I really want in CoC (Even though it’s a pretty simple and unnecessary thing) is to be able to move unique event objects like christmas trees,pots, tombstones,etc. Don’t know if anyone ever asked for this. Ps: send me a link to a requests page in the coc forums.

  48. Wow excellent post!!!

    I believe we have three main problems:
    1) low participation in wars due to upgrading heroes. Solution: reducing heroes upgrade time to 2 days (maintaining the cost)
    2) unfair wars. Solution: schedule clan wars in a “one per-hour” base. Their matchmaking algorithm would work so much better if it analyzed a lot of clans at once every Hour.
    3) mass Miners and bowlers easily 3-starring every base. Solution: difficult to say without some testing, but improving higher level mortars seems to be the way to go.

    Friendly challenge, cooldown time, clan perks, all secondary IMO.

    Thanks again for summing up all those rumours…

    • SC really needs to rethink 1), heroes in war. I’m hitting TH10 in two days. I spent exactly 7 months in TH9 and my heroes are now 27/28. To manage upgrading my heroes 17 + 28 levels I had to sit out wars for most of the seven months. I have not participated in more than 10 wars in 7 months!

      Wars would be so much more fun if more people were able to participate.

  49. Clan war matchmaking… people are always asking for a fair match but who’s ruining this is us some players who try every possible ways to take advantage of others and they are those who wants to ruin the game for all because they can’t play normal they can’t defeat others if they don’t cheat i called it a cheat because it’s a cheat! That’s too much defenseless TH10 #30 on the war map and 2-3 start top 2 and of course they don’t care if that defenseless get 3 starred cuz it’s counted as TH6 or TH7 so if you have 3 such bases in war and they always do top 6 and your top 6 players now will have easy opponents example top 5 are th10s and they are done by your defenseless bases now you will 3 star their top TH9s easy win… so if these few people wants to ruin the game for all those who play fair then i don’t care if SC even ban them, but there is an idea… they should change matchmaking depending on base weight, i really think it should be only depending on few buildings MOST important one TH level, then heroes some troops but not defense e.x TH10 that have nothing but few buildings with heroes should never be below TH9 on the map and his opposite should be regular TH10 this way no one will want such bases in war and will force them to build defense…

    • Thats the shit argument dude…IF IF IF My clan is matching up with ur clan nd i havr 3 defenceless th10s which r matched up with ur th8s…IF UR th8 can three them then WTF Is making u confuse??? U SHOULDNT care that my 1 WOULD TWo star ur 1 or my 30 should 2 STAR ur 1 ! THE MATTER IS OF Two star NOT THE NUMBER! , the match up of a engineered base with non engineered base is TOTALLY RIGHT AS the non enginerred base can three the egineered base!!

    • Well there are no rules prohibiting all attack bases. If someone wants to build a base like this, they give up a lot in other ways, they are attacked constantly in higher leagues, because their base defense is poor. If you want to go for cups, you need max defenses.

      Maybe Clash is the first online game you have played, but these styles of play are not limited to Clash, All attack or all defense builds are very common in other online games. The biggest problem in Clash seems to be balancing attack and defense, since you cannot exceed the maximum attack or defense at a given Town Hall level. But there is nothing stopping you from maxing attack, and leaving your defenses at a lower level.

      The only way SuperCell could change this, is to prohibit leveling your Town Hall until all defenses are at max for that level. Since they have allowed you to level town halls freely since the game was started, I don’t see this changing any time soon.

  50. The equalizing bases for clan war is a horrible idea! Why upgrade defenses if the game does it for you? So if a th9 with all level 1 defense gets matched with a max th9… Which ones defenses get modified? Does the max th9 get nerfed, or the weak th9 get a buff? Dumb idea… Just give us the ability to reject the matchup. A 5 min window to quickly look at the enemy and reject if we aren’t liking what we see. Limit it to one reject with a 24hr cool down. Something like that.

    • I am thinking about it but i think it’s impossible unless they make fun of it, think about the new th10 with one inferno or those defenseless bases will SC automatically set up their war layouts? Can’t seem to work

    • I agree with that 100% equalizing will ruin the point of the work I’ve put in thus far. Why should I wait 14 days to upgrade my xbows when I can leave them at 1 and let someone else upgrade them for me? It’s better to decline a match that I feel is uneven than to steal a clan’s hard work from them.

  51. I put a ton of time/work into my “lopsided” base to give myself and my clan an edge in war… Hurts my feelings for them to take a big steamy 💩 On all of my hard work. I say “I earned it, let me keep it”

    • Think of all the “hard work” that you put into your base, then add the additional work of maxing all of the things that you didnt do, and that’s what normal clashers go through. So imagine how we feel when we do more work than you, then lose in clan wars because you manipulate the system to recieve an unfair match up. No matter how you explain it, thats what you are doing. So you’ll have to excuse my lack of sympathy. Welcome to the big leagues buddy, good luck actually attacking and defending against an even opponent.

      • Hey Garrett… How about you try saving up 150 or 200k DE for a hero upgrade without X-Bows and then let us know how easy we have it.

      • 1st of all it’s easy enough to punch through to the DE at that level with xbows. All you have to do is raid more than you get raided and I’m sure it’s quite similar. I take peoples DE multiple times a day, and they usually get mine once a day, xbows or not.

        2nd, the fact that you purposely give others the advantage in a raiding scenario absolutely does not give you the right to have a game breaking advantage in war. To say that because you put yourself in a bad situation elsewhere that you deserve to reap benefits in war against someone who didn’t make the decision to be impossibly outmatched is ridiculous, and I honestly can’t believe that so many of you lopsided base owners can feel victimized by the removal of your way to cheat the system. Wars are a multi day experience where stats get awarded and clan moral is made or broken. It’s not a place to cheat your way to the top. There’s just too much effort put into them to have that around. I honestly don’t even understand why that would be fun for you to crush people who don’t stand a chance.

        3rd of all, no I wont try that, because to not use the resources that I have that would help me succeed would be moronic.

      • Gonna use someone else’s words from here
        “First of all, Many of those calling for restrictions for upgrading, or “nerfing” of .5’s, are simply using that as a scapegoat for their own shortcomings. Yes, there are some that engineer and suck, but there are far more “maxers” that are poor attackers. They complain about losing to a clan that had a few .5s, when instead they should be focusing on improving their abilities.

        The thing is, clan war is a strategy game. Strategy of attacking style, strategy of organization, and strategy of base building. But if you want to compete in war at a top level, you need to manage all aspects of game strategy properly, end of story. You want to max your defenses before upgrading your offense? So be it. You choose that strategy. You choose to create your own imbalance within the system Supercell has established. You have a defensive strength advantage over the other team. Choose to use a mirror strategy for attack organization, you put the clan at a disadvantage against a clan that focuses on attacking within ones skill range, and focuses on 3 star attacks.

        Furthermore, matchmaking itself creates wide imbalances that can result in “uneven” matchups, with or without engineering. The fact that so many are stating they give up a war before it starts, if the opposition has .5s in their lineup, is a bit absurd. Perhaps you all need to employ different strategies to win these matchups, or flat out get better at attacking. These matchups are winnable if you are strong enough.

        Face it, there will always be strategies that heavily factor in how matchmaking works. So your unsupported claim that SuperCell will address this in some way is silly. SC has stated several times that they prioritize a quicker war search over the fabled “even and fair” matchup so many claim to want. Because many of the ways to “address” this, causes much more detrimental effects in matchmaking… Does nobody remember what it was like to match with a clan of rushers where top bases have max infernos with rest of defenses at a th7 level, and no upgraded de troops, when your clan had some th9s with heros in the early teens at the top? Yeah, those were fun wars. Get gowiped for 2, and struggle to put a 1 star on them.” 1 month ago

      • Dang it, I said I was done but here I am again lol. I really don’t have a problem with .5 bases as much as bases that are th9 and 10 that get recognized as a th6 or 7. I get that there are different ways to prioritize upgrades and that new town halls have a right to be in war even when they arent maxed. No problem there. But when a clan has twice as many th10 attackers due to lopsided bases (a term coined by the supercell devs while bashing them which was mentioned in this article. I don’t see how my claims are unsupported when they are a reference to this very article) it’s problematic. I actually just won a war against some th9s and 10s against our newbie 7’s (by 1.2% tiebreaker, it was a nailbiter!), so your claims that I’m simply a bad attacker doesn’t really have much ground. They had more quality attackers, but we did more with our few high lvl attacks. I’m far from an “elite” clasher, but I’d like to consider myself above average, and the lesser team almost won due to an unfair advantage. That’s what I don’t like. If the matchup is in the same ballpark then I’m okay with it because you can use skill to make up for minor disadvantages, but you can only do so much. Shouldn’t skill be the overwhelming majority in what decides who wins?

      • The point here is that it is a commitment to make a base tailored for war and it is not as easy to do as one might think. I have a traditional maxed out TH11 base that I worked the traditional way and several .5 bases that I use so I know from experience.

        SC already figures clan level and war win streak into the matchmaking algorithm to try to separate the hard core war clans from the casual war clans. No it is not perfect, wins 1-5 are usually pretty easy and anyone in our clan who wants to war is welcome. When our war win streak gets up to 6, 8, 10, 12 wins our leaders need to be very selective in who we let war.

        Wars are and should be more complex strategically than regular attacks. If one wants to make the commitment to have the strategical advantage then what is wrong with that? After all we are talking about WAR here, who ever said it is supposed to be fair?

        Finally to answer your questions of “why would it be fun to crush people who don’t stand a change?” You said it yourself, it is good for moral. When you have a win streak of 8, 10, 12 going war is very stressful especially for the top players. When you take a loss that often comes down to 1 star or even % damage it is nice to get a couple wars where you don’t have to be so stressed out. It also gives people a chance to try out new attacks in a live setting making them better players in the long run.

      • I understand your point. My point is that it doesnt matter how hard you work if you are exploiting the matchmaking system to give you free wins. You really shouldn’t be upset about them removing it. You reaped the benefits for as long as you could, but now supercell is leveling the playing field. There’s an obvious path that you’re supposed to take in this game, you can’t be mad that you made the conscious decision not to follow that path, and now you’re having to backtrack.

        You’re right about supercells algorithm, but the reason it exists is to provide a fair match up. Your bases are specifically designed to trick that algorithm. Like you said, eventually you will lose, and the other fair clans are the ones who suffer. 5 wars in a row where you wreck clans that have no chance. Wanna talk about morale? Obviously for every war win there’s a loss, so the more clans that exploit the system to rarely lose, the more clans are left losing a majority of their wars because they don’t stand a chance against many of them. These clashers get burnt out and end up quitting which is bad for the coc community as a whole. To say it a different way, your clan is directly responsible for hurting the clash community and supercell themselves. Your morale boost because you lost 1 of 20 wars should not come at the expense of others, and really it shouldn’t be a boost to attack someone who can’t defend against you. There’s no pride in that.

        If you want a light hearted clash experience, or to try out new attacks, I suggest you try friendly challenges. This was specifically brought in lnto the game for those reasons, and they don’t ruin the experience for others.

        As for the “more strategy ” comment, I see that as a pretty contradictory statement. What is strategic about being able to use almost any troop because the enemy can’t defend or 3 star attack against you? This is a GAME and should provide an equal experience to everyone. Let the better player/clan win. End of story.

      • Lets talk about How Supercell can balance clan wars. We obviously use town hall level. We would weigh attack strength and also defense strength. Right now it looks like they take all this into account and come up with a average number, and then match you in a range with other clans searching for a war at a given time. Clans are distorting this average, using a high level TH11 at the top, 0.5 players in the middle, and low level dead bases at the bottom.

        Maybe they could match using 3 variables instead of just using one and instead of averages, do it for each player position in the war. TH level, attack and defense and match accordingly. So if your clan likes 0.5 town halls that is what you are matched against. If your clan is mostly defense, that is what you are matched against. The only downside that I see to this, is it will take even longer to get a match and you may not get a match.

    • We beat all of the .5 clans we come across so I have no problems with you keeping it. We normally war with 10-15 members (with one inactive at the bottom frequently) since most people are upgrading heroes or just busy. With .5 bases we always know we can three star them up to the level of our two th11s and then it becomes a game of whether their 2 max th11s and 2-5 fake th11s (have the army, weighted as anything from a TH8-10) can do better than our two th11s… they never can. I normally find those wars to be pretty easy, although kudos to you if it works for you though. I saw from another post your clan probably has a better winning percentage than ours (we are around 90%) although we also let our crappy players war as long as they try which is frequently how we end up losing when we do since I’d say the majority of our TH9s cannot do TH9 three star attacks.

    • They will, as reported in the DEV QA forum post. But there won’t be new perks because right now you’re already in a bad position having a clan with a low level so nobody wants to join

      • Why not? Clash royale is a much better game these days. Although I still like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale posts should definitely be on here.

      • I started doing this month ago and a big part of readers here requested to remove it. Also, I don’t think that Clash Royale works as good in a written blog than it does in a video format.
        I haven#t decided the final future of the Clash Royale website I started yet, but right now it’s on hiatus

  52. Sounds like good things are in the works. But, friendly war sounds ridiculous. What would be the point?
    So, I’m wondering if I should do 8.5 or not…

    • It’s like the friendly challenge, working on startegies and having fun with it – me personally wouldn’t do it that often at all, but maybe I’m not meeting the opinion of the majority with that.

  53. I agree, I don’t think they’ll have competitive arranged wars. If anything just friendly. Otherwise you can set start arranging loot wars

    • The thing is that a friendly war would then mean that it won’t reward loot, so the army costs won’t be covered.
      I don’t know how Supercell want to cover that and having a clan war mode like the friendly challenge is not making me being excited.
      We’ll see

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