Clash of Clans Events

In 2017, Clash of Clans has started hosting frequent in-game events where you can easily get a lot of extra resources, XP and Gems.

On this page, I will show you all about the current and upcoming events and give you some help to get more out of these events. Some of them only offer XP and Gems, but you can get a lot more out of it with discounted troops and the right strategy.

You can always see the current event, in game, in the news center in Clash of Clans:

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Pro Tip! You can actually EARN a lot of resources without even participating in the events. Simply queue up the troop that is on discount before the event ends and then remove them after the event is over. You will get the full price refunded and only 10% investment.

Not having the event troop? Those of you not having unlocked the troop featured int he current event will see a very low number needed to also unlock the gems for the event reward – you can also get it donated into your Clan Castle to participate!

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Rage Spell Event

February 21st to February 24th, 2017

The next Clash of Clans event featuring a spell is here. It will let you brew the Rage Spell for a very low price, but also doesn’t feature any Gems or XP bonus, like the other spell focus events in the past weeks.



The Healing Spell is one of the most used spells at all Town Hall Level.

I always try to interlink some guides I have that will benefit from the specific event, so my general Rage Spell Guide is definitely a must-read in this context:

I think the Rage Spell belongs in all army compositions, no matter what troops you use it with.

Shortly before the event closes, let your Spell Factory train as many Rage Spells as possible in the queue. When the event is over, you can remove them and get a refund at the original price.


This means you can train up to 5 Rage Spells for a total of 16,500 Elixir and un-brew it for 165,000 Elixir – makes a profit of around 150k Elixir for doing nothing!

But be careful! You will only get a refund for troops and spells that are queued in your Barracks/Spell Factories and not for those being in your Army Camps!

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  1. Don’t you think the events afe unfair for lower level people who can’t train the prefered troop or can’t request for it. because their CC is cap is low.
    do you think there will be mulitiple events for each player to benifit?

  2. Hey Tim

    Just a question about a statement right near the top of the article.
    You said: “Those of you not having unlocked the troop featured int he current event will see a very low number needed to also unlock the gems for the event reward.”

    What do you exactly mean by this?

    Thanks heaps 🙂

    Also, great work on the website, loving it! Keep it up! 😀
    I’ve been noticing how more and more people are drawn towards clash royale, but I dont understand why. I play the game a bit but coc is tonnes better 🙂 I’ll be reading your content on allclash for years to come hopefully!

    • Yes, I used Disqus so far but they now either charge a monthly fee or include tons of adds and auto affiliate links in the comments.
      I don’t want that so I switched back to the native comment system.
      Hope this is ok for you guys but I really didn’t see any reason to let me blackmail from Disqus like that 👻

  3. Tried bewitched a few times and failed barely getting 1 star since i couldn’t get the funnel down. I ended up changing out of my regular farming armies with 2 witches and got more consistent results.

  4. I’m still using gowipe…. its so versatile as a base attacking strategy…. i just sub in the current event troops and run with it

  5. These events are great,, but I agree they require to many troops or spells to complete. Not going to complain though starring a base is still possible.

    I think one tip for these events is to fill queue up barracks full of the discounted troops before event ends,,, usually a great return on loot when you cancel them after event ends.

    Cheers 😆

  6. tim, so, this events thing is permanent or just a few days thing? and please start TOWNHALL guides. a complete guide about townhalls(9,10,11) including upgrading priorities, farming troops, various war strategies.

  7. Golem event just reminded me how bad golems are at th11 gr8 on my th9 but heho cooking a full army tonight then 8 golems on top and canceling them after event easy 5k de haha

    • yeah they are not standing long against a th11 defense. However, I frequently use one in the cc and send it in for cleaning up with my royals at the end

      • Never tried that mainly attacking by air at moment despite hateing loons since I started playing I love them now but will try without queen walk and get a golem take a extra hound instead of healers thanks

  8. tim is it safe to say next update they will do 50 more lvl 12 walls for TH11? I already finished my 50 and have nothing to spend gold/elix on again 🙁 lol

    • It’s very likely they will add them. from a balancing point there’s not much speaking against it with the current meta of air attacks. But that’s just my personal thought, nothing official or confirmed

  9. Wow love the 6 golem attack video from ash.. giddy up. Too bad dark barracks upgrading, 1 hour to train army,,, what is this 2015 again.

    Cheers 😆

  10. Hi Tim, before visiting this site, I was totally a weak attacker and hated my attacking. Now I barely lose a attack or two out of ten

  11. Hello, Tim. Next event will be “golem” do you know whether that mass golem strategy (6 golems, wizards and 4 jumps) work in th11? Should I bring a freeze to use on the eagle? Thanks!

    • to be honest against TH11 you will not have that much of a success with it. The Eagle Artillery will get the Golems turn apart fast and you will barely get your Wizards deep enough into the base.
      It might work against rushed TH11s, but solid and maxed bases will crush this attack.
      Rather subsitute the Golem in or bring it in your CC in front of your Heroes 🙂

      • Thanks Tim… I confess I tried that 5 golems attack and it was a total disaster Hahahahha. I managed to use 2 golems, one on each side, to help funneling my goblin knife, so my giants would live a little more…

  12. Game is evolving! Very comprehensive and informative stuff, please go tell clanmates to follow Might improve their game insight and also – if the site gets more well deserved support from players, the necessary advertising would possibly get smaller. This site keeps its credibility up for quite some time I´d say, kind regards from the Czech Republic:)

    • Thanks Filip 🙂 It was a long road building this website from back in 2014 and the audience is still growing year after year.
      I also don’t see many other websites bringing frequent CoC content lately, a lot more Clash Royale.
      I will give my best to keep this place alive for years to come.
      The ads are an inevitable evil, with about 50k daily visitors and some peeks up to 10k visitors at the same time in update weeks, the server, tech maintenance and also features that gets developed are not cheap.
      However I never want tho maintain a certain balance.
      Hope to see you as a frequent reader in the future 👍

  13. Glad to see that these events seem to be here to stay,,, adds a bit of diversity to the game… drag event was fun I haven’t used drags since th7 lol, I farmed a ton of loot using them too.

    Looks like golems are the next event,,, I’d imagine same as hogs and drag event,, cheaper golem for 3 days.

    Cheers 😆

    • I personally think they should make them 7 days long, but maybe they are still testing to see how players are being more active with the events or not

      • Also I bet clash is looking at what event brings more traffic to the game. That way they can increase its popularity by that.
        They should do a war event (Perks or use a troop composition)
        Also they could add a star clan event (like the clash royal clan chest). This way more clans would be active with its people inside it.

        There are tons of ideas, and I see its heading the right direction after playing the game for 4 years.

      • I’m also glad they do it – the events are actually a big update we haven’t noticed that much on december when it was released.
        However, I expect that they now just do so many different events to see the traffic performance and then they will make events take longer

      • I agree. Definitely a great way to mix things up in between updates,, keeping game interesting… hopefully won’t just be troop cost reduction events. We shall see

        Cheers 😆

      • Yeah clan star event like clan chests in royale would be great idea.

        Yup I’ve been playing 4 years as well,,, great to see game still evolving and keeping things fresh for us diehards and also still being able to attract and retain new players.. game in my opinion is only getting better


  14. The event was advertised for a while. Some people may not know that you can actually save up to 3 star events and do them all back to back. If you planned ahead you could’ve started off this event with 3 2x bonuses at the start.

    • I think you can only do 2 star bonuses back to back,, if you miss 3 in a row 3rd one drops out… I saved a star from mine last night before event started,,, I think I’ll get a total of 4 2x bonuses now.

      Cheers 😆

      • I checked two of my alternate accounts and I was able to do 2 back to back. The next one will be available in under 18 hours for one and 15 hours for another. If you know the time it starts it’ll appear to be almost 3 back to back if you can finish the stars in time.

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