Scouting Enemy Clans in Clan War

clan war scouting

A Clan War victory is the product of your ability to know your enemy. When we refer to scouting, we talk about analyzing an enemy base to make a plan of attack. In this post, I will not be covering scouting an enemy base for Traps or other base related weaknesses, but show you some techniques for Clan War Scouting the enemy clan itself.

Scouting Clans in Clan War

First of all, get an idea of what type of Clan you’re facing. I consider these 5 categories:

  1. Hard War Clan with discipline, knowledge and strong organization (the one you don’t want to face).
  2. Solid Clan doing a Clan War twice a week (not a real war clan, but they know what they’re doing and normally win their clan wars when they are not outmatched).
  3. Clan with a wide range of players (Town Hall 6 to Town Hall 10) trying to win, but failing against solid clans.
  4. Mostly social Clan doing Clan War just for fun.
  5. “Why do they even call themselves a Clan”-Clan.2

The first step is identifying what group the clan falls under. No need to guess, because there are several indicators that will make it pretty obvious. It simply boils down to success rate, skill/experience and social behavior.

The success rate is something you can pretty easily learn – take a look at their profile by checking the number of Clan War victories.

Now you can easily check it against their clan level.

If the clan has less than 50 wins and is Level 7 or lower, you can expect a strong clan which is not that old. If this clan has more than 50 wins it’s probably an old clan with a low win ratio.

Check the Clan War Stats for Victories and Clan War Frequency

You should also check in their profile how often they do a war (2 times a week, etc.). This will give you a first impression about their success rate.

Frequent wars are for stronger clans, once per week or less is probably a more casual clan.

Another good hint is the clan description itself – if they call themself a war clan, you know what’s the deal.war clan scouting yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

The War Log

The War Log is a great way to check out the clan you’re up against. It will show you the win/loss history of the clan, give you an idea how many wars the clan has won recently and also the win/loss ratio in total at the top.clan war scouting check the war log yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

You will not only see how the clan performs, but also see the average destruction that will break down the participation ratio of the clan.

A good clan has at least 80% total destruction.

Private War Log

Many clans don’t show their war log public, so you either have luck or not.

However, if the war log is private, you can still check it out via a tool called COCP.IT

This consolidates data from a huge number of clans via the clan API of Supercell and can also show you a war log for clans with a private war log.

Simply go here to and type in the name or the tag of the clan.

view private war logs in clash of clans yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Of course, it’s not 100% accurate because it’s populated from other clans data, but in the end it shows some solid results most of the time.

Visit COCP.IT here

Disclaimer: it’s not cheating, because the data used is available throught the API of Supercell, is populated and not 100% accurate.

What players tell about the clan

To get an idea about their skills and knowledge you have to check the top player.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to check out their war base until the battle day starts, but if the top players are all in lower leagues, you can expect a farming clan.

Here you can see an example with lots of TH11 player being in lower leagues:are you facing a war or farming clan yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

You can also see here how active these players are by checking their donations.

Now it’s time to check the profiles of the top player in the clan (highest Experience Level!).

I’m not saying that players using Gems are bad, but if most of the Top 10 do not have a Gold Grab similar to their upgrade progress and they have only a few victories, you can assume that they have not played much to be considered very experienced.

Again, I’m NOT saying that players using Gems are not as good as players not using them, but if the top of a clan has a very high ratio of players that have used Gems a lot, the Clan might lack some experience in general – experience is built over time.

Scout Clan Wars with Achievements  yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7
Check the Player profile Achievements for Clan War

Is the Clan a Modding/Cheating Clan?!

Always be aware, that some clans tend to use 3rd party tools to cheat.

You won’t stand a chance against these clans. Indications that this clan might cheat are always very low level Town Hall accounts.

Are there single TH6 or lower accounts participating in Clan War while all other bases are TH9 or higher? That’s a strong indication that there might be something wrong with the clan and they use a single burner account,.

Bottom line, you need to report this clan if you assume it’s cheating, but this won’t help you in this very clan war, unfortunately.

You can see the latest effort of Supercell banning these players / clans here:

Clan War Scout at a glance

Once you do this a couple of times you’ll get the Checklist in your mind – for the first few times I have it here for you:

  1. Check Clan Profile for victories and war frequency
  2. Check out the war log
  3. Check Top 10 Player Profiles for Troops, Achievements and Donations

Why is it important to know how the Clan works instead of just knowing the bases you’re going to attack?

You question why you should know what kind of Clan you’re facing in this Clan War?

When my Clan and I are facing a clan we think is going to War more for fun than serious we try to get a head start as fast as we can. Those Clans – and also Clans less social – can become demoralized very quickly. If they look at the score after just 1 or 2 hours and are behind a lot, some players tend to not attack at all because they don’t want to waste expensive troops.

If your opponent Clan looks quite solid and well organized you need to put some extra time into your own organization. Help the lower player’s scout and, with their troop composition, donate the best troops you can for the War Base Clan Castles and during Battle Day.

Make an exact plan who should attack who to get a fair chance of getting the Victory. This may not help much if you’re facing a very strong Clan that will be hard to beat because the Matchmaking hasn’t been on your side. All you can do if your opponent is simply too strong is fight as hard as you can and don’t surrender.

Here’s a great way to organize your attacks:

Bottom line, it’s always better being prepared than not. 🙂

Clan War Scouting Opponent in Clan War

I will not try to tell you how to scout the right base. You know your Troop setup, which bases you will be successful against and which are almost impossible to take down. When you scout, you should always find the balance between winning the most possible Stars and not wasting strong attacks. How can attacks be wasted? Imagine all Top 10 Players attacking the mid-range Town Halls. With stronger attacks they will get 3 Stars easily, but the mid range players are forced to attack the low end or the top end – the low end will waste the attacks of your bottom players and the top end will be too difficult to score.

The best opponent you can choose is the one you can win 3 stars against with marginal difficulty! Remember that. Before attacking, always check to see if there is a higher opponent you can also get 3 Stars from. This will give other players with lower experience and Troops their fair chance of getting 3 Stars also.

Another thing I see from time to time is people using their second attack on higher bases because they “have nothing to lose”. Often I ask them why they didn’t attack a lower base that has been scored with only 2 Stars. Most reply that they thought they could get more than 1 Star on a higher base. (Do I have to mention they run into a nearly maxed Town Hall 10 with Level 4 Hog Riders?). If you’re sure you can get a third Star somewhere, take it instead of taking the risk not getting any Star somewhere else.

Thanks for editing: Sam Ellison, EnchinsuOcha


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  1. Hi. I am the creator of I think it is worth mentioning that it is also capable of displaying hidden losses and ties in regards to this topic. Again not for all clans but still for many it can be found and tracked.

    Thanks for the ad btw.

    • Hi, nice to see you are reading my website as well 🙂
      I did mention that it’s able to hide results that are hidden in private war log, so what did i miss?

  2. Matchmaking is bad but not that bad, you won’t be facing a clan full of th10 if yours os full th8. My clan has many members ranging from th9 to th6 and we manage to win most stronger looking clans. Most of us can 2 star the enemy that has the same number as each of us so we managed to pull it off with good organisation. More than 10 wins straight so far. Hoping it keeps like this

  3. We take wars very seriously in our clan… it’s not a everyday war clan (we go to war once a week), but I can say the main objective of our clan is winning wars.

    1st, we don’t let rushed town halls in… a TH8 with lv3 air defense is a easy target for dragons. So we always check the defenses and dragon level before letting someone in. A good defense helps a lot.

    2nd, we always have a strategy for the first attack. If it’s an easy clan, we attack opponents in the same map position. If it’s a hard clan we can attack up to 4 positions below our own, dependingo on how strong the other clan is.

    3rd, we encourage players who don’t have unlocked the dragon to make both attacks in the first hours. This way it’s easier to plan ahead.

    4th, we kick everyone (unkown people, friends, family) who does not use both attacks in wars. Anyone can leave the clan before war starts and come back later, but if you take part to the war you have to attack, no matter reason.

    Using this tips, we won most of our wars, some of them against much stronger clans… 12 victories, 1 close loss (72-75).

    I hope this helps, have a nice day, everyone!

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