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trap placement guide

In this post, I want to show you the most useful spots to place your Traps to maximize their potential. A Trap is always a surprise, but if you use them wisely they will be a deadly surprise.

Best Trap Placement for Ground Traps

Your base layout and troop AI will define the path of attacking troops, so planting ground traps correctly can make a huge difference.

Before we start with the individual traps, I want to add some points about the spreading of your traps within your base. After all these years the main strategy was spreading all traps simultaneously through the base to have a similar protection at all sides.

I have done some research with many players, my own bases and of course analyzed roughly a thousand of replays – and came up with a new strategy regarding traps.

I found out that, if you have a symmetrical base layout, a higher percentage of players will attack from the same two sides. Take a look at this base here:

th10 trophy pushing base for chamions and legend league yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

You can see it makes almost no difference from which side you attack the base. In this case, the attacker tends to attack from a bottom side.

I was amazed about this, of course, and took a closer look into that and found out that it’s the truth!

I had 498 replays with such symmetrical bases and I can tell you that 68% of the attacks have been from either the bottom right or the bottom left side. (That should have been 50%; 25% for each side).

A friend who just graduated in psychology told me that the reason is simple. When it makes no difference for the attack, because the base is pretty much the same from each side, the human brain is making a decision by laziness.

In this case it chooses the bottom sides, because it’s closer to the troop and spell bar and makes it easier (and faster) to select the troops and spells to deploy. It makes perfect sense, when you think how hectic it can be to get all your troops timed into the battle and it saves a lot of time and stress when you don’t have to move all the way up and down the screen.

clash of clans psychology yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Again, the amazing thing is that this happens subconscious, so the attacker doesn’t actually know that his brain makes that choice.

That great, because you can exploit that. So what I did was just putting most of my traps to these sides of the base with simple math:

  • In more than 50% of the cases my attacker has to get through more traps than usual
  • I only have to win 1 defense out of 4-5 attacks to gain trophies


Check this log out:

clash of clans perfect defense base with traps yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

It really works and if your’re TH10 or TH11 I can really recommend using this, if your base layout is symmetrical.

Of course, this also work on bases that are not symmetrical, you only have to check all your replays and nte down from which side most attacks came in from (check at least 50 defenses to get a number that tends to tell the truth).

Best places for Hidden Bombs

Bombs are, with regards to damage, quite useless – especially when you get later in the game. They do, however, provide some great advantage with throwback of the troops within their blast radius.

Decorations are not useless yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

You can utilize bombs to hold troops back and give your Defenses more time for DPS. My favorite locations for Hidden Bombs are next to corners to hopefully get Wallbreakers out of my life:clash-of-clans-Bomb-agains-wallbreaker yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

or between outside structures. This helps against lower attackers to wipe out BARCH troops or higher ones to hopefully get some Wizards out of my way:


Placing Giant Bombs best

Giant Bombs have a great benefit with regards to ground Troops, but only if they address the right troops. Hitting some Archers or a Wall Breaker with a Giant Bomb is a strike, but also kind of a waste.

You want certain, medium hitpoint troops to get hit by the Giant Bombs, such as Bowler, Hog Rider Miner, Valkyries, Witches, Wizards – and of course not only a single unit of them, you want a group getting blasted apart.

On the outside of your base, you have good chances that the Giant Bomb hits a target, but it will most likely be a useless one (Golem, Wall Breaker etc.) or only a few of the right troops (like 2-3 Bowler etc.)

That’s why Giant Bombs always belong in the inside of the base.

With up to 250 damage a Giant Bomb can deal some serious damage, but there is a big problem! Look at the hitpoints of the troops you want to hit with the Giant Bomb (in their highest 2 level):

  • Miner: 600-650 hitpoints
  • Valkyrie: 900-1100 hitpoints
  • Bowler: 340-370 hitpoints
  • Hog Rider: 475-535 hitpoints

The Giant Bombs deals some serious damage, but the troops won’t get killed and if there is a Heal Spell around, you will see that the result is pretty underwhelming from the defensive perspective.

That’s why you should ALWAYS have Giant Bombs in a double setup!

This will either kill the troops or will deal so much damage that the other defenses can take them down easily before they get healed up again.

double giant bomb hog rider yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Best places for Spring Traps

Spring Traps are great against ground troops that focus on Defenses. These troops tend to group up and the Spring Trap is able to blow up multiple targets at once. When you’re a lower TH be sure to have funnel spots that will force Giants to walk into the Spring Traps.

double-spring-trap-clash-of-clans yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

If you place them in between structures without a wall funnel, you should place them in between two defenses.

Take a close look at defense replays from your base to see the pathing they take and then you can place them right in between that.

clash-of-clans-giants-prevent-spring-traps yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7


I don’t like to place them on corners because it’s more likely a Wallbreaker will walk into them.  Also, if outside, in most cases the Spring Trap with blow up on a Golem or something else being sent in earlier and be wasted.

Skeleton Traps

Skeleton Traps are only useful for a handful of things, and dealing damage is none of it.

They are perfect to interrupt troops in their pathing or to distract troops with high point damage.

It’s always smart to not have them in the core area, because that might even lure attacking troops, especially Heroes, into the core.

kill defending hero in core yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

You should better spread them around in the second layer to maybe even lure them away from your core.


Also, don’t place your Skeleton Traps next to your Clan Castle! You don’t want to give the attacker the option to kill the Skeletons together with the defending Clan Castle Troops in a Lightning Spell shower or a with a Poison Spell!

Best Trap placement for Air Traps

Air Bomb placement

Air Bombs are only useful againt groups of Minions or Balloons. A good rule of thumb is to not place them too far outside because you don’t want the Air Bombs to get triggered a Dragon or Lava Hound.

clash-of-clans-balloons-air-bombs-testing-prevention yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Groups of Balloons or Minions suffer most from Air Bombs, so place them somewhere in the middle between your outside Walls and your inside core.

Best placement for Seeking Air Mines

Seeking Air Mines are only 3 troops that are targets worth their damage:

  • Healers
  • Lava Hounds
  • Dragons

The Seeking Air Mines work great on air troops with a large amount of health.

The sooner they take down their target, the more you will benefit from that hit. You want the Healer not to heal through half the raid, let the Dragon deal damage or the Lava Hound tank damage.

That’s why Seeking Air Mines are great located on the outside.

lavaloonion trap placement yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

They won’t get triggered by Minions anyway and if somebody attacks with Balloons he always has some Lava Hounds within the army to send in first.

Don’t place them in the inside core because once Troops get to that point it’s too late.

Final advice for Traps

Never construct your base to have very little space for Traps. This will make the potential spots for Traps in your base quite obvious and predictable.

Clash-of-Clans-spot-the-Giant-Bomb-vs-Hidden-Tesla-location-in-clan-war yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Traps are hidden for a good reason – you don’t want to reveal their position until it’s too late for the attacker to adjust. Also, try to spread them out in your base. An area with a lot of Traps is nice to watch in the replays, but you will have more benefits when the attacker can’t avoid Traps.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha


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  1. It’s true, most people attack from the bottom, but at least in my case it’s not because I’m lazy. I can’t see the damn screen if I attack from the top. My fingers get in the way. It’s because of the way I hold my iPhone.

  2. Hello, I think the Seeking Air Mine is also good against the Grand Warden as a level 1 Seeking Air mine can easily make a level 20 Grand Warden go SPLAT! So, the Grand Warden too should be a good target.

    • You’re right in theory, but reality looks different (at least for me what I’ve seen so far).
      He is either in ground mode (not targeted) or he’s behind the other air troops that will trigger the Seeking Air Mines before he enters the trigger area.
      That’s why I haven’t him there – not because he can’t be targeted, it’s because he is not a primary objective that you can set your Seeking Air Mines up for

  3. Actually defense don’t matter to me nowadays cause I m failing in my defense drastically even though I do all the things stated in the guide. Therefore I presume that its almost next to impossible to defend until u aren’t Maxout or have pleased the coc God.

    • You are right bro to some extent 😊 . You cannot defend all attacks 🚫, but you can defend some attacks 💪 if you do things stated here 😏 and also observe 😶 your enemies attack patterns towards you base 🐾 and work according to that (Maybe take them to a trap) 😂. By observing 😶 that you can get some square trophies 🏆and your enemies would be literally crying … 😭
      BEST OF LUCK THERE … 👍 😊 ✌

  4. Try this army:18 baloons, 1 PEKKA, 7 valyries, Fill the rest with Archers. For spells: 1 haste, 3 rage, 1 freeze. For Town Hall 9-11.

    • You can replace archers and PEKKA with Lava Hounds.Drop Haste on baloons,Rage on Balloons and valks appropriatly, freeze on Inferno Towers or when needed for Town Hall 9.

  5. I found it usefull sometimes to place a ground skeleton trap in the corners of the map as it might be the corner they try to lure your cc to. It adds abit of panic to the attacker as he has to deploy more troops to deal with skeleton and therby messing up the plan abit. Everybit helps.

  6. Man, did I selective read or did I hear no mention of the Hidden Bombs? They have a key function and it is not “Setting Troops Back.” Personally I think that the little bombs are underrated, I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched those little buggers save me from a 3 star war attack. The fact that it is not mentioned makes me not want to share this with the world.

    • Hidden Bombs are the first that I handle. You can either use them against smaller troop on the outside (lower TH regions) or on corners against wall breakers.

      • I think best used held one tile from walls,,, pick off a few breakers hopefully, path them with buildings

        Cheers 😆

    • I love hidden bombs…. i cant tell you how many times those buggers drop a raiders wbs…. i keep mine where raiders like to enter my base

  7. Id like to expand on skeleton traps. Im a big fan of placing them in the area where i notice that is where they draw my cc too. Majority of times they place an archer there and draw cc but when a max skeketon trap is there it kinda forces them to deploy troops they did not want to…wiz..more archers..etc…it might just be enough to make the cc troops be more effective. Long storey short…skeleton traps in corners with the lone buildings or where enemy likes to draw your cc.

  8. I’m kind of disappointed about this post, it talks nothing about where you should place double giant bombs in a war base (especially when creating an anti 3 base) , and how you need to avoid placing them in the path of the kill squad to get the hogs instead. (Place them far away from queen, etc)
    Also, where did the hidden teslas go? I think the tesla placement is very significant.
    I mean, I shouldn’t be critiquing you like this, but I have to say, I kind expected a post with more quality. It would be helpful to know what people like I can do to improve my base.

    • I find natsu that with your war base the best teacher is trial and error. Everytime you get 3 starred, study what failed and adjust. Then everytime you get 2 stared same applies. Study what failed. Example. If you notice GoWipe is the normal attack against your base and you also notice wizards are what is taking out your TH then place giant bomb where they usually bunch up. Eventually you will have made enough tweeks that your base will be 1 stared…seldom 2 stared…never 3 stared.

      • Yes, that’s what I’m doing Guy… Now isn’t AllClash supposed to be the place where they teach us from people’s experiences? At least that’s what I’m expecting from the community’s biggest guide website.

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