AllClash Featured Town Hall 8 Farming Base

TH8 Farming Base 2015

This weeks AllClash Featured Base Design is a Town Hall 8 Farming Base:


Town Hall 8 Farming Base with 4 Mortars and semi-exposed Town Hall


This Farming Base for TH8 has some features you don’t want to miss:

  • Semi-exposed Town Hall for maintaining your current League. This is a good thing to use if you’re not very active in raiding and want to maintain your League for some attacks you have. Up to a certain League you can also use this Farming Base Design to gain Trophies over night without living in the fear that your base gets entirely destroyed and you lose a lot of resources ever time.
  • Encourage Collector sniper to attack the outside – don’t be afraid they won’t get 1 Star from the base from just sniping the Collectors
  • Southern teasing funnel


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  1. That Base is rubbish … its not hard to get to the core and once you are there the loot is yours … everytime I see a base like this and it offers me some good loot I get every single coin from the storages …. with barch

  2. I have to agree that this is not a good farming design. A few wallbreakers, and your core is exposed, with all your loot in a single compartment. For a farming base you want to put your loot in separate compartments. I also like to have three wall between the outside and my DE, which makes it harder to get to the DE.

    I also don’t understand why you would want your town hall “semi-exposed”. I have a fully exposed TH and have no problem maintaining my trophy count. If I get my TH sniped, I only have to make a single raid to get the trophies back (and usually more).

  3. Why on earth would anyone want to have their barracks behind the walls when more valuable mines and collectors are exposed? I have to agree with prior posters…this is not a well constructed base.

  4. Very weak farming base getting no guard from wiz towers northern mortars to much centralised giving easy entry for barchers into the base and getting into the core very easy using giant wiz or giant+barch trps still appreciate it. And last thing i just hate semi-exposed th i have seen people demolish bases just because they had a semi -exposed th because it just sucks useless.

  5. Not a farming base i think. Storages all at centre makes pretty easy for barching with healong potion to take all loot at once. And wiz tower also out there at corners without protecting storages so its totally vulnerable to barch. And it doesmt have any sort of funneling except at southern corner from which any skilled giant attacker is not gonna attack. Your last th 8 base for garming wad good but this is the first base I think is not a good farming base.

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